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10,041 Achievements
Last 28 Days: +3,254 (80)

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50 Side Missions Completed2015-12-03 18:14:052550 Side Missions Completed
Completed 50 Side Missions
40 Side Missions Completed2015-12-03 17:13:182040 Side Missions Completed
Completed 40 Side Missions
Saviour of San Esperito2015-12-03 10:43:5875Saviour of San Esperito
Liberated Every Province In San Esperito
45 Takeover Missions Completed2015-12-02 22:58:117545 Takeover Missions Completed
Completed 45 Takeover Missions
30 Side Missions Completed2015-11-30 21:51:551530 Side Missions Completed
Completed 30 Side Missions
30 Takeover Missions Completed2015-11-30 19:24:035030 Takeover Missions Completed
Completed 30 Takeover Missions
Protector of the People2015-11-29 22:08:5750Protector of the People
Liberated 22 Provinces In San Esperito
15 Takeover Missions Completed2015-11-27 22:26:402515 Takeover Missions Completed
Completed 15 Takeover Missions
Freedom Fighter2015-11-27 22:00:2325Freedom Fighter
Liberated 11 Provinces In San Esperito
All Race Missions Completed2015-11-15 15:57:3215All Race Missions Completed
Completed Every Race Mission
Champion Of Race 22015-11-15 15:57:315Champion Of Race 2
Completed Race 2
Champion Of Race 12015-11-15 15:53:075Champion Of Race 1
Completed Race 1
Champion Of Race 42015-11-15 15:42:345Champion Of Race 4
Completed Race 4
Champion Of Race 32015-11-15 15:39:125Champion Of Race 3
Completed Race 3
Champion Of Race 92015-11-15 15:23:225Champion Of Race 9
Completed Race 9
Champion Of Race 52015-11-15 15:17:575Champion Of Race 5
Completed Race 5
Champion Of Race 72015-11-15 15:05:355Champion Of Race 7
Completed Race 7
Champion Of Race 82015-11-15 12:19:345Champion Of Race 8
Completed Race 8
Champion Of Race 62015-11-15 12:09:065Champion Of Race 6
Completed Race 6
20 Side Missions Completed2015-11-15 11:47:501020 Side Missions Completed
Completed 20 Side Missions
500 Kills2015-11-15 11:24:3950500 Kills
Killed 500 Enemies
All Story Missions Completed2015-11-15 11:15:24125All Story Missions Completed
Completed All Story Missions
20 Sea Vehicle Stunts2015-11-14 21:09:451020 Sea Vehicle Stunts
Completed 20 Sea Vehicle Stunts
All Stunts Completed2015-11-14 21:09:4550All Stunts Completed
Completed All Stunts
All Collect Missions Completed2015-11-14 20:42:3745All Collect Missions Completed
Completed Every Collect Mission
I Want My Intel Back2015-11-14 20:42:365I Want My Intel Back
Completed Collect Mission 5
I Want a Super-Potent Weapon2015-11-14 20:37:395I Want a Super-Potent Weapon
Completed Collect Mission 3
Slippery When Wet2015-11-14 20:28:275Slippery When Wet
Completed Collect Mission 11
The Cleavage2015-11-14 20:16:315The Cleavage
Completed Collect Mission 10
I've Got the Blueprints, Man2015-11-14 20:07:225I've Got the Blueprints, Man
Completed Collect Mission 4
Red Eyes2015-11-14 19:50:275Red Eyes
Completed Collect Mission 6
White Beaches2015-11-14 19:17:255White Beaches
Completed Collect Mission 13
20 Air Vehicle Stunts2015-11-14 17:59:051020 Air Vehicle Stunts
Completed 20 Air Vehicle Stunts
20 Land Vehicle Stunts2015-11-14 17:45:091020 Land Vehicle Stunts
Completed 20 Land Vehicle Stunts
Mission 14 Completion2015-11-08 21:37:4650Mission 14 Completion
Completed Story Mission 14
Base Jump 1000 Meters2015-11-08 21:32:135Base Jump 1000 Meters
Base Jumped From 1000 Meters Or Higher
We Have Ways of Making You Talk2015-11-08 18:28:135We Have Ways of Making You Talk
Completed Collect Mission 7
Mission 7 Completion2015-11-08 09:07:4925Mission 7 Completion
Completed Story Mission 7
Staying Power2015-11-08 08:27:565Staying Power
Completed Collect Mission 9
20 Car-To-Car Stunts2015-11-08 08:23:43520 Car-To-Car Stunts
Completed 20 Car-To-Car Jumps
10 Side Missions Completed2015-11-08 07:41:09510 Side Missions Completed
Completed 10 Side Missions
New Kind of Kick2015-11-07 22:34:025New Kind of Kick
Completed Collect Mission 12
Rico the Beach Comber2015-11-07 22:17:395Rico the Beach Comber
Completed Collect Mission 8
Back-Door Action2015-11-07 18:09:545Back-Door Action
Completed Collect Mission 2
Salt Refinery... Yeah Right2015-11-07 17:52:525Salt Refinery... Yeah Right
Completed Collect Mission 1
250 Kills2015-11-07 17:37:1520250 Kills
Killed 250 Enemies
Most Wanted 2 Mins2015-11-07 17:18:0825Most Wanted 2 Mins
Survived For 2 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level
Most Wanted 1 Min2015-11-07 17:18:0810Most Wanted 1 Min
Survived For 1 Minute With Maximum Wanted Level
Most Wanted 5 Mins2015-11-07 17:15:1650Most Wanted 5 Mins
Survived For 5 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level
100 Kills2015-11-07 09:56:1210100 Kills
Killed 100 Enemies