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New theme for the new year...

...only three months after it was meant to go live. It's not fully finished either as I haven't even added the mobile CSS rules. I got to a point where I thought, screw it, it's been sitting there unfinished for long enough, I just need to put it live and fix it as I go.


Live Coding: Concept

I recently found Live Coding TV and after watching a few streams pounding with dub-step I decided that I should give it a try. I've been looking for a reason to create a public repository on Github that users could contribute to but the main thing holding me back was than I'm not a standard coder**.


Xbox Achievements Overhaul

This weekend I was mobile, meaning I couldn't do much in the way of achievement farming. While away I decided to look at how I stored my achievement data. Currently I have a task that runs every 15 minutes (less if I'm streaming) pulling data from my XboxAPI account and storing it. At the time of creating this functionality the tables were adequate as I only saved achievements that I'd obtained. I now want the ability to embed achievements within these posts, so I had to expand the data storage and change the way that the obtained achievements show.

Google has shuttered the Authorship experiment

Google has shuttered the Authorship experiment

After a three year run, "authorship" (which showed a relative Google+ Author profile next to search results) has been removed. John Mueller announced the end stating they've "observed that this information isn't as useful to our users as we'd hoped, and can even distract from those results". The removal has come as no surprise to the SEO community who have been watching the gradual demise over the last eight months.

Google announces that HTTPS will be used for ranking

Google announces that HTTPS will be used for ranking

Google announced yesterday that after some favourable testing, they will be adding HTTPS as a ranking signal. Initially the value of this signal will be relatively small in comparison to other signals such as "high-quality content", but this is to allow time for Webmasters to switch their current non-secure sites over. Google are undecided if they will increase the signal's value, but given that a grace period has been handed to Webmasters, the change should happen.