I watched an SEO company take down a site at a conference

I was at a conference a few years ago where I witnessed an unprofessional act. The presenter was talking about entry level SEO practices (there wasn't much on during that time slot and I needed a laugh), when they decided to end the session with a live site analysis from the audience. This is where things went south, but let me set the stage so that you understand why I'm calling it an unprofessional act.

Why I Ditched Wordpress

For the longest time I've been a firm believer in minimising of code bloat. A few years ago I was tinkering with a small Swift project only to be horrified by the size of the final result. I ended up rewriting it from scratch in Objective-C which yielded an executable that was less than 1% the size of the Swift project. For what it did, I couldn't live with running a 12Mb packaged piece of software, when it could easily be written in under 100kb. This same mentality finally got to me with Wordpress.