Grouped Dead or Alive 6 Achievement List

This list may not be 100% correct as it is based off the PS4 trophy list leaked a week ago (I'll revisit and update when the list is officially posted). With the game coming out in under a week, it'll be another that I'll be playing to bolster up my Fighting Game rank on TrueAchievements. I've grouped the achievements in a way to make them easier to attack. I did this for Soulcalibur 6 a few months back and I will also do the same to a few other Fighting Games that I'm currently playing over the next week or so.

Soulcalibur VI achievement list

Like when Tekken 7 was released last year, I'm going to attempt to complete as much of Soulcalibur VI as possible in one sitting. Considering how the Libra of Soul achievements are looking, I think that this may not be possible but I'm going to give it a try.

What do you mean Zelda:BotW doesn't have achievements? | Bean Dive 2018 - Week 3

11eyes CrossOver fixed up it's speed issue on the Green play-through which was nice because I was getting scared that my JP 360 was dying or something. Shortly after I decided to try out another Japanese title to make sure that it wasn't dying, and that title was The Idolm@ster: Live for You!. Ok here goes a second apology in as many weeks but... what the hell, isn't Idolm@ster some giant thing that entrap men from their early teens up until their 80's... I was somewhat glad to have this one over and done with after 2 sessions. I don't think I would have had that much against it if the button noises weren't tacky and actually something that went with the songs.

After a week of R&R, it's time to do this! | Bean Dive 2018 - Week 2

I wasn't 100% after the sinus infection that tore me a new one over the past few weeks, so I decided to take Wednesday (shortly after posting the past post) until Sunday night off, just to relax and hope that some time away from the screen would help, it didn't. At least the fevers and headaches have subsided enough to allow me to function... a little...

My first Bean Dive didn't get off to the best start... | Bean Dive 2018 - Week 1

Being that this was to be my first Bean Dive, I wanted to go all in "No Half Measures" style dropping close to 100 games before starting. This didn't happen due to a rather serious infection that rendered me unable to do anything for 5 days. While in a semi-lucid but still feverous state on the final day of registration I jumped on and ended my dive thinking that was the way it worked. A day later I logged on to see people were still popping games, it was then that I realised my mistake, that I'd closed the dive prematurely. After all the work to get there, I'd set myself back 8.31%.


Fixing a few j5create USB HDMI adaptor issues I've had

Ever since I started using it, the j5create USB to HDMI monitor adaptor has given me some form of grief. Don't get me wrong, having a 3rd screen on a Mac Mini is great, but it comes at a cost.


Diablo 3: The grind is real

I don't know why I jumped back into playing Diablo 3 (don't get me wrong, I love the game, it's relaxing also), but I've just noticed that I have a fair slog ahead of me if I want to 100% both of the versions. Oh I remember, it was because of Season 13 that I started playing.

Japanese Game Hunt: Day 4

In another unsuccessful attempt to find a Pokémon Go Plus (I think there's been a recall of them over here as I saw something about a new version coming out soon) at the Ikebukuro Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo, I jumped back into the Book Off just outside Sunshine City hoping that Ever 17 was still there. It was and I was able to find Muv-Luv there as well. I don't remember if I mentioned the range there or not, but the 360 range has only about 60 or so titles.

Japanese Game Hunt: Day 3

Again, this wasn't meant to be a day to collect games, but I'm starting to think that no matter what I do, I'll always be tempted to find a bargain. Today I went off to Daiba to see the giant Unicorn Gundam which did not disappoint. It doesn't matter if you've never seen a Gundam episode (yes that's me), that thing is HUGE and worth the trek over to Daiba.

Japanese Game Hunt: Day 2

Today was meant to be all about doing tourist things, so I wasn't really expecting to make this post for a few more days. After a day out looking at Asakusa and the Tokyo Sky Tree (which had a Macross exhibit to my delight... only way you can get me to go up 450m in a tower and keep me there for more than a few seconds), I ducked into TRADER3 and Mandrake since they were close to where I was staying. I managed to walk out of there with a few more from my list.