Xbox - Bridge Constructor Portal (Xbox One) - Achievements

9,960 Achievements
Last 28 Days: +1,310 (44)

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For Science!2019-07-02 23:10:2470For Science!
1,000 Portal Transitions
Centrifugal Convoy Adjustment System2019-07-02 22:53:5170Centrifugal Convoy Adjustment System
Passed through the same portal 15 times
You monster.2019-07-02 22:34:1670You monster.
100 Test Vehicles destroyed
Entry-Exit Relay Repeater System2019-06-18 22:24:4270Entry-Exit Relay Repeater System
30 times back and forth through the same portal
66% Loss2019-06-18 22:18:337066% Loss
20 convoys delivered
Food and Artificial Sunlight2019-06-18 22:15:5550Food and Artificial Sunlight
Finish every test chamber in Chapter 2
Aerial Mobility Support System2019-06-18 21:58:2770Aerial Mobility Support System
Bounced 25 times on the repulsion gel with the same vehicle
No Hard Feelings2019-06-18 21:15:2570No Hard Feelings
First turret decommissioned
Extended Testing Opportunity2019-06-18 19:48:5550Extended Testing Opportunity
Finish every test chamber in Chapter 1
0% Non-Delivery700% Non-Delivery
60 convoys delivered
Spectacularly Lonely50Spectacularly Lonely
Finish every test chamber in Chapter 6
For More Science!70For More Science!
5,000 Portal Transitions
Finish every test chamber in Chapter 3
66% Delivery7066% Delivery
40 convoys delivered
Full Chief Custodian candidate50Full Chief Custodian candidate
Finish every test chamber in Chapter 5
Official Pre-Admittance50Official Pre-Admittance
Finish every test chamber in Chapter 4