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Blasphemy unto Heaven2019-07-02 16:16:5050Blasphemy unto Heaven
Finish Stage 4 for the first time.
The Brilliant Void2019-06-29 13:44:2350The Brilliant Void
Finish Stage 3 for the first time.
Frigid Hell2019-06-29 13:34:4350Frigid Hell
Finish Stage 2 for the first time.
Moonlight Temptation2019-06-29 13:22:2350Moonlight Temptation
Finish Stage 1 for the first time.
Blade Gleaming at Sunrise75Blade Gleaming at Sunrise
Adventure with your allies and see the Normal ending.
Defiler of Taboos50Defiler of Taboos
Finish Stage 7 for the first time.
Big Game Hunting!100Big Game Hunting!
Defeat every boss in Boss Rush mode.
Those Left Behind75Those Left Behind
Recruit every adventurer and finish the game.
Emperor of Darkness75Emperor of Darkness
Sacrifice every adventurer and finish the game.
Tragedy of Slaughter50Tragedy of Slaughter
Finish Stage 6 for the first time.
That Man, Zangetsu75That Man, Zangetsu
Go it alone and see the Normal ending.
Cleave the Moon50Cleave the Moon
Finish Stage 8 for the first time.
Nightmare's End100Nightmare's End
Finish the game without sacrificing or recruiting any adventurers.
Fallen Moon's Requiem100Fallen Moon's Requiem
Finish Nightmare Mode.
Sunder the Night50Sunder the Night
Finish Stage 5 for the first time.