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Lord of the Seas2019-04-28 15:50:0930Lord of the Seas
Upgrade the Adrestia to Legendary Status.
Child of Poseidon2019-04-28 09:28:5715Child of Poseidon
Complete all underwater location objectives.
Island Hopper2019-04-28 06:24:3350Island Hopper
Complete 20 Quests on Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis islands.
A Pirate's Life for Me2019-04-27 21:48:4820A Pirate's Life for Me
Complete Xenia's questline.
I Have the Power2019-04-27 19:34:4015I Have the Power
Perform an Overpower Attack with every weapon type.
Top of the Food Chain2019-04-27 19:31:2020Top of the Food Chain
Become the first Mercenary.
Are You Not Entertained?2019-04-27 17:48:3430Are You Not Entertained?
Become Champion of the Arena.
Hermes's Homie2019-04-27 17:38:0820Hermes's Homie
Unveil all sub-regions of Greece.
In Perseus's Image2019-04-26 20:13:3020In Perseus's Image
Defeat Medusa.
Legacy Restored2019-04-01 20:20:0630Legacy Restored
Upgrade your Spear to Tier 6.
The Cult Unmasked2019-04-01 20:17:1130The Cult Unmasked
Defeat all the Cultists of Kosmos.
Demigod2019-03-25 21:28:2115Demigod
Reach Level 50.
Eye on the Prize2019-03-24 16:20:2320Eye on the Prize
Defeat the Cyclops.
Master of the Hunt2019-03-24 14:03:4520Master of the Hunt
Complete the Daughters of Artemis questline.
A-maze-ing Victory!2019-03-24 12:56:1620A-maze-ing Victory!
Defeat the Minotaur.
Blood Sport2019-03-24 11:52:1820Blood Sport
Defeat a Mercenary in the Arena.
Trust Me, I'm a Doctor2019-03-24 11:30:1420Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
Complete the Hippokrates questline.
Everybody Benefits2019-03-24 10:00:3020Everybody Benefits
Complete Markos's questline.
Misthios in Training2019-03-24 09:26:5320Misthios in Training
Complete 20 Bounties, War Contracts, or Naval Quests from Message Boards.
Hero for Hire2019-03-24 09:19:4115Hero for Hire
Win your first on land conquest battle in any region (excluding Megaris in Hero's Journey).
The Argonauts2019-03-23 20:00:4930The Argonauts
Fully crew the Adrestia with Legendary Lieutenants.
Odyssey's End2019-03-23 19:16:1050Odyssey's End
Complete Episode 9 + Epilogue.
Taking Back Athens2019-03-23 19:03:5720Taking Back Athens
Complete Episode 8.
Legend in the Making2019-03-23 12:50:5115Legend in the Making
Complete Episode 7.
Infamous2019-03-21 21:23:3315Infamous
Raise your Bounty to the maximum level.
Going For Gold2019-03-21 21:22:3530Going For Gold
Complete the Olympic questline.
Riddle Me This2019-03-20 20:28:4415Riddle Me This
Outwit the Sphinx.
Birthright2019-03-20 20:07:2915Birthright
Discover Atlantis and speak with Pythagoras.
Godly Power2019-03-19 21:15:2715Godly Power
Acquire a Tier 3 active Ability.
Stink Eye2019-03-14 20:55:1315Stink Eye
Recover the Cyclops's eye from a goat on Kephallonia.
Fashion's Creed2019-03-14 18:58:0415Fashion's Creed
Equip a Legendary Armor set.
One Head Down…2019-03-14 18:53:3530One Head Down…
Defeat a full cluster of Cultists of Kosmos.
Wrath of the Amazons2019-03-14 18:00:3615Wrath of the Amazons
Cleave a ship while having an all-women crew.
You Work for Me Now2019-03-13 21:37:2415You Work for Me Now
Recruit and assign a Legendary NPC for your ship.
Democracy Falls2019-03-12 21:00:0215Democracy Falls
Complete Episode 6.
From the Ashes2019-03-12 20:36:5415From the Ashes
Complete Episode 5.
War Master2019-03-12 18:33:3915War Master
Kill the Leader of any Region with Low Resources, other than Megaris.
I am Legend2019-03-11 21:26:1030I am Legend
Equip 1 Legendary melee weapon and 5 Legendary armor pieces.
The Midas Touch2019-03-11 18:38:4315The Midas Touch
Engrave a Legendary Item with a Legendary Effect.
The Bright Minds2019-03-10 19:08:5815The Bright Minds
Complete Episode 4.
Scourge of the Aegean2019-03-10 13:44:5315Scourge of the Aegean
Sink your first Epic Ship.
Evil Unearthed2019-03-10 00:04:0515Evil Unearthed
Complete Episode 3.
Aphrodite's Embrace2019-03-09 13:48:4115Aphrodite's Embrace
Spend the night with another character.
Make It Your Own2019-03-09 12:40:0115Make It Your Own
Engrave your first item.
Shiny!2019-03-09 12:33:2615Shiny!
Acquire and equip your first Legendary item.
Past Mistakes2019-03-09 12:33:0315Past Mistakes
Complete Episode 2.
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger2019-03-09 06:10:5820Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Upgrade the Adrestia for the first time.
Ramming Speed2019-03-09 05:17:5915Ramming Speed
Cleave a ship in half.
An Odyssey in the Making2019-03-08 20:44:5215An Odyssey in the Making
Complete Episode 1.
This is Sparta!2019-03-07 20:34:2110This is Sparta!
Complete the Battle of 300.
The Heir of Memories10The Heir of Memories
Complete The Heir of Memories
Destroy all of the Marble Maiden Tributes.
Divine Intervention10Divine Intervention
Complete Divine Intervention.
Surgical Sniper20Surgical Sniper
Heal by getting 10 headshot kills while you have the Golden Harbinger equipped.
Rain of Arrows20Rain of Arrows
Kill 10 enemies using the Rapid Fire ability.
Upcoming Achievement10Upcoming Achievement
This achievement is not available at this time.
The Conqueror30The Conqueror
Win the conquest of Elysium with freed humans from the 3 main regions.
Parry to Carry20Parry to Carry
Heal by parrying 10 times with the Judgment of the Lion.
The Image of Faith10The Image of Faith
Complete The Image of Faith.
For Love of Persia50For Love of Persia
Kill all the Ancients in the Order of Dominion in Messenia
Lone Lion20Lone Lion
Kill the Makedonian lion.
Kill all of the Ancients in the Order of the Storm in Achaia.
A Poet's Legacy10A Poet's Legacy
Complete A Poet's Legacy.
Every Story Has an Ending10Every Story Has an Ending
Complete Every Story Has an Ending
The Start of a Legacy20The Start of a Legacy
Discover the truth about Darius's past.
A Friend Worth Dying For10A Friend Worth Dying For
Complete A Friend Worth Dying For
In the Face of the Gods20In the Face of the Gods
Remember who you are.
Lightning Rod20Lightning Rod
Defeat Steropes the Lightning Bringer.
Bittersweet Beginnings20Bittersweet Beginnings
Secure your bloodline
Predator and Prey30Predator and Prey
Kill all of the Ancients in the Order of the Hunters in Makedonia.
Upcoming Achievement20Upcoming Achievement
This achievement is not available at this time.
Gathering Strength20Gathering Strength
Collect all the Keeper's Insights in Episode 1.
Fire on Water20Fire on Water
Set 10 enemy ships on fire.
Volcanic Sunscreen20Volcanic Sunscreen
Defeat Arges the Bright One
Acquire the Sword of Kings
Upcoming Achievement10Upcoming Achievement
This achievement is not available at this time.
Blood of Leonidas20Blood of Leonidas
Continue the bloodline.
The Daughters of Lalaia10The Daughters of Lalaia
Complete The Daughters of Lalaia.
One Really, Really Bad Day10One Really, Really Bad Day
Complete One Really, Really Bad Day
Without a Trace20Without a Trace
Kill 10 enemies using the Death Veil ability.
Seeing Red20Seeing Red
Kill 10 enemies using the Fury of the Bloodline Ability.
A Brother's Seduction10A Brother's Seduction
Complete A Brother's Seduction
No More Rulers20No More Rulers
Kill all Overseers in Elysium.
The Show Must Go On10The Show Must Go On
Complete The Show Must Go On.
Breaking the Limit20Breaking the Limit
Land a Rush Assassinate that chains 4 times with the Pride of the Lion.