Xbox - AC Liberation HD (Xbox 360) - Achievements

10,041 Achievements
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Liberation2018-02-25 20:08:2010Liberation
Complete every Free Slaves mission.
Secret Lives2018-02-25 20:03:455Secret Lives
Complete all persona-specific side missions.
Ship Crew2018-02-25 19:24:0010Ship Crew
Complete every Ship Crew mission.
Persona Collector2018-02-25 18:26:4740Persona Collector
Collect every persona-specific collectible.
Human Shields2018-02-25 11:47:0210Human Shields
Block 10 shots or firing lines with a human shield.
Bayou Fever2018-02-25 11:31:2510Bayou Fever
Complete every Bayou Fever mission.
Collector2018-02-25 11:11:4430Collector
Collect all diary pages, alligator eggs, Mayan statuettes, and mushrooms.
Survivor2018-02-25 10:20:2715Survivor
Survive 10 animal encounters.
Business Woman2018-02-25 10:15:5810Business Woman
Complete every Business Rivals mission.
Complete all Mission Constraints2018-02-24 23:08:3615Complete all Mission Constraints
Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences.
One Watch is not Enough2018-02-24 21:06:2015One Watch is not Enough
Collect all the pocket watches.
Shipmaster2018-02-24 19:53:3010Shipmaster
Buy the maximum number of ships (8).
Thief2018-02-24 19:01:265Thief
Pickpocket 5000 ├ęcu.
The Truth2018-02-24 17:28:1830The Truth
Kill all Citizen E and experience the true ending.
Complete Aveline's Story.2018-02-24 17:10:5715Complete Aveline's Story.
Complete the game (fake ending)
Sequence 82018-02-24 16:43:5715Sequence 8
Complete Sequence 8.
Umbrella2018-02-24 16:03:3310Umbrella
Kill 25 enemies with the Parasol Gun.
Sequence 62018-02-23 19:58:0315Sequence 6
Complete Sequence 6.
Hangman2018-02-22 20:20:005Hangman
Perform 10 predator moves using the Whip.
Predator2018-02-22 20:01:4110Predator
Kill an enemy from a tree, with the blowpipe, while using eagle vision.
Poison2018-02-22 19:59:4210Poison
Use berserk poison to force an enemy to kill 5 enemies.
Machete2018-02-22 19:37:085Machete
Kill 5 guards in 15 seconds using only the Sugarcane Machete (without using the Chain Kill).
Sequence 42018-02-21 19:03:3315Sequence 4
Complete Sequence 4.
RHP Master2018-02-21 18:06:1930RHP Master
Synchronize all viewpoints.
Buy All Dressing Chambers2018-02-20 22:44:0310Buy All Dressing Chambers
Buy every Dressing Chamber.
Sequence 22018-02-18 22:09:1015Sequence 2
Complete Sequence 2.
Death by Poison2018-02-18 21:18:355Death by Poison
Kill an enemy with a poison dart.
Swamp Queen2018-02-18 21:09:215Swamp Queen
Tree Run for 10 branches without touching the ground.
Sequence 12018-02-18 21:04:5415Sequence 1
Complete Sequence 1.
My 1st Dressing Chamber2018-02-18 20:49:595My 1st Dressing Chamber
Buy your 1st Dressing Chamber.