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brighter than sunshine2017-01-16 20:25:30100brighter than sunshine
clear all reversed levels
Earth again2017-01-16 20:12:19100Earth again
unlock earth r
Venus again2017-01-16 19:55:45100Venus again
unlock venus r
Mercury again2017-01-16 19:33:07100Mercury again
unlock mercury r
The Dark Moon Rises2017-01-16 19:24:33100The Dark Moon Rises
clear level sr10
meet the Sun2017-01-16 19:19:1050meet the Sun
clear all normal levels
near the Sun2017-01-16 19:06:0050near the Sun
unlock the Sun
Space Crashers2017-01-16 18:59:2940Space Crashers
destroy more than 500 blocks
meet Mercury2017-01-16 18:50:1550meet Mercury
unlock Mercury
Faster Than Light2017-01-16 18:50:1540Faster Than Light
clear level without using drop of light
Super Moon Boy2017-01-16 18:43:3240Super Moon Boy
jump over 200 times
meet Venus2017-01-16 18:34:5750meet Venus
unlock Venus
meet the Earth2017-01-16 18:19:3150meet the Earth
unlock the Earth
gravity free2017-01-16 18:12:4740gravity free
clear a level without jumping
Still Alive2017-01-16 18:12:2240Still Alive
warp 10 times from top to bottom at once
start the journey2017-01-16 18:11:5450start the journey
clear level m1