UHH3: Round 1

Ultimate Head to Head always likes to throw me curve balls when it comes to the achievements that it picks for the matchup, but I wasn't expecting to go up against someone like OzBundyBoy first round. For once the achievement list wasn't as bad as I had previously seen from this event, but it wasn't lacking those few achievements that seem to haunt me every event... You have completed Disc X. from Lost Odyssey and anything really from Eternal Sonata. From what OBB told me later on, procrastination and sickness prevented him from competing so I welcome the challenge again some day.


Fallout 3: Mobile Bobbleheads adjustments

There was only one quest related mission that I needed to finish in the base game, but it would require collecting 30 bottles. I decided to head off and start collecting the Bobbleheads that I had missed. Luckily there were only two potentially missable ones that I hadn't screwed up storyline wise so I grabbed them first. I continued to wander the wasteland for another hour or so locating another 6 before I had grabbed half of the collection. Along the way I was able to net a few Quantum Cola bottles, so I should only need to collect another 10 more. Fawkes and I were also able to reduce the kills needed for the 300 humans killed achievement by about 30 through random encounters while Bobblehead hunting.


New theme for the new year...

...only three months after it was meant to go live. It's not fully finished either as I haven't even added the mobile CSS rules. I got to a point where I thought, screw it, it's been sitting there unfinished for long enough, I just need to put it live and fix it as I go.


Fallout 3: Classical Superhero Oasis

After a lengthy stint away from the wasteland I decided to head back in and clean up the remaining achievements while I waited for the new Mass Effect game to be released. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I only had four quest based achievements lend in the base game (none of which could be missed due to the outcome of other quests).

Classes (1)

Completions of 2016: Borderlands (JP)

When I saw that Backwards Compatibility allowed you to play other region games, I jumped at the ability to play the original Borderlands again in Japanese. Unfortunately upon downloading the game to play with the disc, it was all on English. I guess it was probably a blessing in disguise as it would have taken me a bit longer to actually finish the game. Technically I haven't finished the game as I haven't finished Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot DLC**.


January is going to hurt!

Here I am, ten months down in my "Start no new game for an entire year" goal, and my backlog of games to play is growing significantly. Over the past year I've managed to pick up quite a few easy Gamerscore games, while at the same time keeping a list of all the games released this year that I really want to play. On top of that there's also a list of games that I want to play just to boost rankings on True Achievements for Fighting games and Dungeon Crawler leaderboards. I'm estimating that I'll probably dump at least 20,000 Gamerscore January which will be a massing change to my progression just dropping off the face of the planet these past few weeks since I stopped my achievement streak.

Diablo 3

Extra Life 2016: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

This year will be my 5th year participating in Extra Life. Each year I have issues trying to come up with a unique idea of what I can focus on for the event. A few years back, my event was cut short due to the arrival of my daughter, since then I've been unable to participate in Extra Life as a 24 hour marathon player. This year I'll be changing the format slightly. I'll be playing Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls in 4 sessions of 6 hours. This allows me to set aside an uninterrupted segment of time so that I can achieve my required 24 hour playtime, but without ignoring parental responsibilities.


Clean-Up Week 1

I think that I might have bit off more than I could chew with the Achievement Clean-Up. A week down, three and a bit to go and I've grabbed 21 of the 100 achievements listed (with a further 22 popping along the way). I have to say that I was really surprised with Fable III. Why did this game cop so much flack? Did it suffer from No Man Sky syndrome? I'm still unsure why I stopped playing it all those years as I was right in the middle of a nice story arc. When I've got some time, I think that I might revisit all three and play them in order.


Save first, ask questions later!

When Microsoft added Backwards Compatibility to Xbox One, I started to move my save games to Cloud Saved Games as I played each game. Because of this and that I have multiple devices that I save on resulted in a few saves being accidentally deleted over time, most recently the other night. The primary cause for this is the way that older games forcibly create saves after you select a device.


September Achievement Clean-up

Early this year TrueAchievements ran The Ultimate Head to Head Contest where "Each week, competitors are drawn against a random opponent and a shared target list of 20 achievements is generated. The winner is the person that earns the most off their list before the end of the period, and the loser is eliminated." - Even though I didn't last that long, I had a lot of fun being forced to play games that I had previously abandoned or wasn't actively looking at going back to play. I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the games that I played again having either forgot how good they were, or hadn't reached the point where the game went from average to amazing.