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1-up (also known as 1UP, 1-UP, XUP; pronounced “one-up") is a video game term that increases the player-character’s number of lives, allowing continuous play before game over. Because there are no universal game rules, specific 1-ups vary tremendously from game to game. However, they are often rare and difficult items to acquire, occasionally requiring the player to demonstrate significant skill or risk an unnecessary death.


Extra Life 2017: The Battle Plan

For Extra Life this year, I'll be focusing on moving up the Fighting games (Oceanic) leaderboard on TrueAchievements. These boards recalculate at 7AM GMT each morning so I'll try to record my placement increases before the 2nd session each night.


Fallout 3: Mobile Bobbleheads adjustments

There was only one quest related mission that I needed to finish in the base game, but it would require collecting 30 bottles. I decided to head off and start collecting the Bobbleheads that I had missed. Luckily there were only two potentially missable ones that I hadn't screwed up storyline wise so I grabbed them first. I continued to wander the wasteland for another hour or so locating another 6 before I had grabbed half of the collection. Along the way I was able to net a few Quantum Cola bottles, so I should only need to collect another 10 more. Fawkes and I were also able to reduce the kills needed for the 300 humans killed achievement by about 30 through random encounters while Bobblehead hunting.

Diablo 3

Extra Life 2016: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls

This year will be my 5th year participating in Extra Life. Each year I have issues trying to come up with a unique idea of what I can focus on for the event. A few years back, my event was cut short due to the arrival of my daughter, since then I've been unable to participate in Extra Life as a 24 hour marathon player. This year I'll be changing the format slightly. I'll be playing Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls in 4 sessions of 6 hours. This allows me to set aside an uninterrupted segment of time so that I can achieve my required 24 hour playtime, but without ignoring parental responsibilities.

Extra Life

Extra-Life 2014

Extra-Life is here again and this year I’m trying something a little different. In the past I’ve gone from speed-running through Borderlands 2 to trying to complete as many trash games as possible within the 24-hour period. This year I won’t be doing 24 hours of continuous gaming, rather I’ll be doing two sessions of 12 hours over two days. Each broadcast will begin at midday AEST and finish at midnight. My goal is to reach 1400 achievements by October 27. Just like past years these sessions will also be streamed for anyone willing to watch (trust me the games I will be playing won't be fun).