Xbox One Backwards Compatibility family has grown again

Microsoft has just announced that seven new games have joined the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program; these are the first games to be added to the program this year and it's certainly a good start to the year for Xbox.


January Games with Gold detailed

Microsoft has just announced the games that will be free with Games with Gold in January; anyone who doesn't have a subscription can currently purchase it for only $1 for the first month making this a good time to pick up a subscription.


Xbox One gets a download speed boost in time for more Backwards Compatible games

Not only has Microsoft announced faster download speeds for digital games, they've also confirmed that three new highly rated games have joined the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list; downloading these games should be a smooth experience for anyone with a home broadband speed of over 100 Mbps as the download speed has been boosted by 80% for these users. Anyone with less than that will also be receiving a boost of up to 40% which is still very nice.


Lost Odyssey is free for Xbox 360 and available for Backwards Compatibility

The Backwards Compatibility list has grown a little larger as two new games have been added to the list; there are now over 300 games in the Backwards Compatibility program and to celebrate this, Microsoft is giving one of the games away for free.


New games arrive for Xbox Backwards Compatibility

A new group of games has been added to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has finally been added to list of games.


December Games with Gold

Microsoft has announced the next group of free games for Xbox Games with Gold and these are definitely some games to get excited about, especially for gamers who didn't partake in buying more games on Black Friday.


New games join the Backwards Compatibility Program

It's been a good week for Xbox with the Black Friday sale starting early and a good number of discounts being given out for Games with Gold players; Xbox Live is still currently only $1 for its first month making it a good time to purchase a subscription.


Backwards compatible games are getting new boxes

Xbox One backward compatibility began in 2015 and while not every game is backward compatible just yet, Microsoft is still working to improve this system for Xbox gamers and bring more fan-favourite Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One.