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In video gaming parlance, an achievement, also sometimes known as a trophy, badge, award, stamp, medal, challenge or in game achievement, is a meta-goal defined outside a game’s parameters. Unlike the in-game systems of quests, tasks, and/or levels that usually define the goals of a video game and have a direct effect on further gameplay, the management of achievements usually takes place outside the confines of the game environment and architecture. Meeting the fulfilment conditions, and receiving recognition of fulfilment by the game, is referred to as unlocking the achievement.


January is going to hurt!

Here I am, ten months down in my "Start no new game for an entire year" goal, and my backlog of games to play is growing significantly. Over the past year I've managed to pick up quite a few easy Gamerscore games, while at the same time keeping a list of all the games released this year that I really want to play. On top of that there's also a list of games that I want to play just to boost rankings on True Achievements for Fighting games and Dungeon Crawler leaderboards. I'm estimating that I'll probably dump at least 20,000 Gamerscore January which will be a massing change to my progression just dropping off the face of the planet these past few weeks since I stopped my achievement streak.


Clean-Up Week 1

I think that I might have bit off more than I could chew with the Achievement Clean-Up. A week down, three and a bit to go and I've grabbed 21 of the 100 achievements listed (with a further 22 popping along the way). I have to say that I was really surprised with Fable III. Why did this game cop so much flack? Did it suffer from No Man Sky syndrome? I'm still unsure why I stopped playing it all those years as I was right in the middle of a nice story arc. When I've got some time, I think that I might revisit all three and play them in order.


September Achievement Clean-up

Early this year TrueAchievements ran The Ultimate Head to Head Contest where "Each week, competitors are drawn against a random opponent and a shared target list of 20 achievements is generated. The winner is the person that earns the most off their list before the end of the period, and the loser is eliminated." - Even though I didn't last that long, I had a lot of fun being forced to play games that I had previously abandoned or wasn't actively looking at going back to play. I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the games that I played again having either forgot how good they were, or hadn't reached the point where the game went from average to amazing.

Breaking Chains

Breaking the streak

In a week's time I will be taking a forced break from achievement hunting. Even though it'll be for a bit over 24 hours, it will cause my almost two year TrueAchievements streak to come to an end. Surprisingly, this is something that I'm not upset about.

5 things I've learnt while fighting the undead

It's been a while since I set foot on Banoi. I remember the first time that I ventured out of the hotel, well, chased out of the hotel. That was a while ago, this is today and a lot has changed since then. I've learnt quite a bit about squaring off with the living impaired, but these are 5 tips that I think all Banoi survivors should remember.

The Pre-Sequel

Backlog Fortnight Targets - FN3C

Like last fortnight, here is the round-up of FN2B. Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands! I think it's safe to say that I won't be touching this series for a while (well if I keep with the backlog targets, I shouldn't be touching them until next year... but then again, if I run dry during a fortnight I could come back to attempt to finish them off... NO! I will not do this). Ok so things went well over the past fortnight, but not without the task sending me a little crazy. There's something about replaying games where you can recite dialogue word for word that should bring up big red warning signs.

Borderlands 2 Trailer

Backlog Fortnight Targets - FN2B

A quick round-up of FN1A. I was able to finish Alan Wake and most of the easy situational achievements. After that I decided to attempt the Nightmare walk through and collect some of the missing collectables along the way. I'm only missing one TV show, and a handful of manuscripts, signs and chests so I didn't think it'd be that hard. I was really wrong. Much swearing at the screen was done, mostly due to running out of bullets and having to pass through walls of Taken. I can't wait to play the DLC at some point in the future / next year.


2015 - Achievement Farming Lookback

2015 was the year that I decided to attempt a few crazy feats when it came to Achievements and Gaming. I originally set my goal at 75,000 Gamerscore by the end of the year, but later extended it to 100,000 which I obtained with a few days to spare. Additionally I had successfully attempted to breach top 10 in the Fighting Games leaderboard for Australia. I might attempt to go further with the global one next year when a few more Fighting games come out.


100,000 Gamerscore Get!

After two months of pushing myself to break 100,000 before New Years Eve, I've finally done it. Looking back at the past year, I've had a fairly crazy one when it comes to achievement hunting with 2,258 Achievements in 130 games, for a total of 63,273 GamerScore. That's more than half of my GamerScore achieved in one year.


Alphabetically challenged 

2016 is almost upon us, so now is the time to make plans. I started this year with theme based monthly challenges. I soon discovered that there was only so much Assassins Creed one could play before you started going a little crazy. So for 2016 I've decided to tackle my "pile of shame", one letter at a time.