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Fixing a few j5create USB HDMI adaptor issues I've had

Ever since I started using it, the j5create USB to HDMI monitor adaptor has given me some form of grief. Don't get me wrong, having a 3rd screen on a Mac Mini is great, but it comes at a cost.


Mac: Dynamically configure Synergy to run on different networks and users

Over the last few weeks I've tried to figure out why Synergy (which had been installed by one user into the Applications directory) was unable to be opened by other users on the same machine. Initially I thought that there were file permission issue, but after changing them a few I was still unable to open the application. The solution to this problem also lead to more flexibility than before.


Programmable Stick: Part 1

For a long time I've wanted to create an interface to automate gameplay on consoles, but my electrical know-how was next to non-existent (I want to blame a bad experience with attempting to repair an Amiga 500 PSU to my hesitation to play with anything that had an electrical current). To do this, I needed a way to interface each of the controllers input circuits and complete the connection to fire off the request, which is easy enough in theory, but when you pull apart a controller these days, the circuitry is a little more compact than the controllers back in the day.


Mac: Applications randomly crashing citing Finderkit error

Saturday morning saw an futile attempt to lay the groundwork for my Live Coding Project. I created the project on Github and attempted to clone it via the App only to have it crash, a restart didn't help so I opened iTerm to clone manually. I didn't think much of it at the time until I opened my IDE (because some formatting rules had been bugging me) upon importing the new folder as a project the IDE crashed just like the Github App earlier. Curious about the cause I followed the prompts to report the error to see what would be sent. The following may not be the exact error as I forgot to save it before I fixed the problem.


Mac: Replacing a Mid 2010 iMac HDD with an SSD

My mid 2010 model iMac has given me a few issues over the years. First it was my HDD dying, luckily I was able to recover most of the data from it. I say most because I've been unable to find some files in my backups (it's important to sudo that copy command as anything that isn't readable by the user who mounted the drive won't be copied). Apple replaced my HDD and everything was fine until I decided to update to Yosemite.