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The Fractured But Whole: Who paid off the Classifications board of Australia?

This game was shattered within a few days of playing it. I couldn't stop playing it, even through the awkward scenes where you have to find out where Classi is (oh you'll know the scene when it happens, I don't want to spoil it). During that scene I wondered how it got through the classifications board when entire scenes from the previous game were removed, don't get me wrong those scenes were over the top and fairly vile, but the subject matter of this one was a little more offensive than the previous ones. To add to my confusion, why is it ok for a child to inject themselves but it's not ok to use syringes in other games? Has something happened to the classifications guidelines that I'm unaware of?


Extra Life 2017: The Battle Plan

For Extra Life this year, I'll be focusing on moving up the Fighting games (Oceanic) leaderboard on TrueAchievements. These boards recalculate at 7AM GMT each morning so I'll try to record my placement increases before the 2nd session each night.


UHH3: Round 1

Ultimate Head to Head always likes to throw me curve balls when it comes to the achievements that it picks for the matchup, but I wasn't expecting to go up against someone like OzBundyBoy first round. For once the achievement list wasn't as bad as I had previously seen from this event, but it wasn't lacking those few achievements that seem to haunt me every event... You have completed Disc X. from Lost Odyssey and anything really from Eternal Sonata. From what OBB told me later on, procrastination and sickness prevented him from competing so I welcome the challenge again some day.


Fallout 3: Mobile Bobbleheads adjustments

There was only one quest related mission that I needed to finish in the base game, but it would require collecting 30 bottles. I decided to head off and start collecting the Bobbleheads that I had missed. Luckily there were only two potentially missable ones that I hadn't screwed up storyline wise so I grabbed them first. I continued to wander the wasteland for another hour or so locating another 6 before I had grabbed half of the collection. Along the way I was able to net a few Quantum Cola bottles, so I should only need to collect another 10 more. Fawkes and I were also able to reduce the kills needed for the 300 humans killed achievement by about 30 through random encounters while Bobblehead hunting.


Fallout 3: Classical Superhero Oasis

After a lengthy stint away from the wasteland I decided to head back in and clean up the remaining achievements while I waited for the new Mass Effect game to be released. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I only had four quest based achievements lend in the base game (none of which could be missed due to the outcome of other quests).


Xbox One System Update arrives next week

Microsoft has just revealed a sneak peek at the upcoming update which is due to be released into testing early next week. The system will be getting a new Guide which has been designed to make multitasking much simpler and to make certain features much more obvious in the menu screen such as a the controller battery indicator or the clock.


Games with Gold Changes this month

It's the middle of the month and once again, the Xbox Games with Gold is switching it up by changing what free games users can download this month. Xbox Live Gold members will no longer be able to download Outlast on Xbox One and The Cave on Xbox 360 today.


New For Honor Season Pass details have been revealed

New details have just been 'released' about the Season Pass for Ubisoft's For Honor which is due for release in February. Details about the Season Pass appear to have been accidentally leaked on Uplay as the sales listing was quickly removed by Ubisoft but not before a user could screenshot the leaked image and upload it to Imgur.


Halo Wars 2 beta starts next week

Halo Wars 2 is due for released in February for the Xbox One and PC but the open beta is due to begin next week; according to details released by Microsoft, anyone with a Xbox One and Windows 10 PC will be able to download the game and give it a try.


Xbox One Backwards Compatibility family has grown again

Microsoft has just announced that seven new games have joined the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program; these are the first games to be added to the program this year and it's certainly a good start to the year for Xbox.