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Xbox Store Countdown has begun

Following the 2015 Xbox store sale, Microsoft has brought back the Countdown sale; it's due to begin in a few days time and is scheduled to last for 19 days to bring in the new year.


Xbox One gets a download speed boost in time for more Backwards Compatible games

Not only has Microsoft announced faster download speeds for digital games, they've also confirmed that three new highly rated games have joined the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list; downloading these games should be a smooth experience for anyone with a home broadband speed of over 100 Mbps as the download speed has been boosted by 80% for these users. Anyone with less than that will also be receiving a boost of up to 40% which is still very nice.


Lost Odyssey is free for Xbox 360 and available for Backwards Compatibility

The Backwards Compatibility list has grown a little larger as two new games have been added to the list; there are now over 300 games in the Backwards Compatibility program and to celebrate this, Microsoft is giving one of the games away for free.


Trove is in Open Beta for Xbox One

Trove was released on PC last year and the free-to-play MMO game has retained a decent sized audience on Steam since its release; the game has had a variety of content updates to add fresh content to the world of Trove.


For Honor will require an internet connection

The next technical test for the upcoming hack-and-slash game has almost launched for PC users and Ubisoft has revealed some new information about the game. The game is due for release in February 2017 and will be available for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but the Technical Test 2 is limited to PC only. It's thought that another beta test will be held in January which will also include consoles.

Xbox One Holiday price reductions are here

The temporary price cuts for the Xbox One are officially in effect making this a good time to upgrade to the latest Xbox One consoles; for the next few weeks, the original console will be priced at only $250 while deals for the Xbox One S vary depending on the retailer.


The big Halo 5 free expansion has been released

Halo 5:Guardians developer has just released the new free expansion for the game; 343 Industries revealed it earlier this week with a series of blog posts but the new expansion has just been released for all Halo 5 owners.


Goat Simulator's Payday DLC comes to Xbox

It may not be one of the most serious games around but Goat Simulator is certainly something special and Xbox players have finally been given access to even more content for this wacky and weird game.


Halo 5 Expansion finally detailed

Halo 5 developer 343 Industries has followed through with their previous statement and hints with the official unveiling of the next expansion for the popular FPS game. The new DLC is called “Monitor's Bounty” and has been confirmed to contain new maps, weapons, a custom game browser and a new mode.


Microsoft is teasing a new Halo 5: Guardians DLC

New content seems to be coming for Halo 5: Guardians as Microsoft is teasing the release of new DLC for the game. A new Twitter post from the official Halo channel says “Shall we play a game?” which seems to be referencing a new multiplayer game mode.