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New Wireless Controller announced

Microsoft has just announced that a new controller has joined the Xbox family; this is the first officially red controller besides the special Gears of War 4 controller which was released last year.


New update arrives for Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar released a new minor update yesterday to release a new bike and a new mode to match; the developers have also revealed a new group of weekly sales for players to check out in-game.


$220 For Honor collectors edition announced

GameStop has just confirmed that they're offering an exclusive collectors edition for Ubisoft's upcoming hack-and-slash game; this new listing details a 14-inch statue of Apollyon, the antagonist from the campaign.

Tekken Jin Wallpaper

95% of game sales from the Tekken Series have been from outside of Japan

Series creator Katsushiro Harada has revealed that the Tekken Series is actually more popular in Europe and North America; the annual 4Gamer end of year report has just been released and this edition has revealed that a total of 44 million copies have been sold in the history of the series. Considering the popularity of fighting games in Japan, it's a surprise to see that even Oceania is ranked higher in the sales chart.


Buy an Xbox One and get a bonus item free

Microsoft has announced a new amazing sale for the Xbox One S which lasts until New Years Eve on December 31st; gamers looking to upgrade to the latest Xbox One console should definitely take a look at these offers. While some good deals were revealed for Boxing day, the official post from Microsoft has detailed a list of special purchase conditions for a range of retailers.


Dead Rising 4 is down to $30

Dead Rising 4 was only released on December 6th for the Windows PC and Xbox One but the game is already being included in the latest bout of sales. The latest addition to the Dead Rising family is now on sale at $30 from various retailers including Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy. Anyone woth a Gamers Club Unlocked membership from Best Buy can purchase the game with an additional 20% discount to bring the price down to $24.

Boxing Day Xbox One Sales

Christmas day is over now and with the start of Boxing Day comes a new wave of sales that could interest anyone looking to upgrade to the Xbox One or Xbox One S; a range of retailers are offering these prices currently and there are probably even more deals available right now.


“The Reign of You” released for Xbox users

Microsoft has launched a new online website in celebration of its users and their Xbox gaming achievements during 2016; the new website is named “The Reign of You” and it displays a range of facts about you account however, the data used to generate this is only from January to October which means some new blockbuster games from November are skipped over.


Minecraft 1.10 rolls out for consoles

Console Minecraft players are in for a treat with the latest update which has brought some significant changes to the console version of the game; the update has included a range of features already in the PC version of the game and also version exclusive features that are sure to enhance the Minecraft experience.


January Games with Gold detailed

Microsoft has just announced the games that will be free with Games with Gold in January; anyone who doesn't have a subscription can currently purchase it for only $1 for the first month making this a good time to pick up a subscription.