Xbox: Weekly Deals [2015-02-10]


Weekly deals? more like weakly deals! This has to be one of the weakest deals that I've seen Microsoft put out. Two games and a bunch of virtual currency DLC for one of the games on sale. Is that all? Now if you're a fan of the NBA 2K series, your wallet has probably been bled dry already by this sale. But for the rest of us who eagerly await the weekly sales hunting a decent bargain, our wallets will remain unscathed this week.

I don't know what's worse, the lack of games, or the deal on Virtual Currency. The fact that they are trying to sell us "discounted" VC is insulting. It is this sort of in-game purchases are what is slowly destroying the gaming industry.

Anyhow enough ranting, for those still interested in this weeks deals...

Xbox One

Deals with Gold
Geometry Wars³: Dimensions - 33% Off
NBA 2K15 - 33% Off
- 15,000 VC, 35,000 VC, 75,000 VC, 200,000 VC - 33% Off

Games with Gold
#IDARB - Free until 2015-02-28
Worms Battlegrounds - Free until 2015-02-28

Xbox 360

Deals with Gold
Geometry Wars³: Dimensions - 33% Off
NBA 2K15 - 50% Off
- Gold Bling Pack, Platinum Bling Pack, Blue Diamond Bling Pack, Spanish Commentary Pack - 50% Off

Games with Gold
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons - Free until 2015-02-15
Sniper Elite V2 - Free from 2015-02-16 until 2015-02-28

* All deals Gold exclusive until 2015-02-17, unless otherwise specified. Source: