Xbox One S update finally adds Blu-Ray disc support

Xbox One S

This is only a minor update for Xbox One S owners but most should be pleased with it; the lead engineer of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, posted an updated on Twitter explaining this to his followers ahead of the update.

Xbox One S now includes support for two types of Blu-ray discs which works for write-only and re-writable disc formats. The formats are BD-R and BD-RE which are currently used for all Blu-ray discs which is perfect for all users looking to make the most of their HD TV.

While this addition won't matter to many users, the small addition to the consoles capabilities makes it much more valuable; especially for gamers who have a library of Blu-ray movies and a 4K television to maximize the quality of the video.

Microsoft has also revealed that bit streaming audio will be coming to the Xbox One console family in the near future; this will include Dolby Atmos which will provide gamers with a more captivating audio experience with the consoles.