Xbox One gets a download speed boost in time for more Backwards Compatible games


Not only has Microsoft announced faster download speeds for digital games, they've also confirmed that three new highly rated games have joined the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list; downloading these games should be a smooth experience for anyone with a home broadband speed of over 100 Mbps as the download speed has been boosted by 80% for these users. Anyone with less than that will also be receiving a boost of up to 40% which is still very nice.

The speed modification arrived in the system update yesterday which included a range of other changes such as further optimization to background downloads and performance improvements.

Anyone who owns Bully, Catherine or Raskulls on the Xbox 360 can now download these games to their Xbox One thanks to their recent addition to the backwards compatibility list; they can now be digitally downloaded for the Xbox One and anyone with a disc should be able to launch the games from that now.

Bully is the major game from this new group of games; while it was released 10 years ago, the Rockstar game is thought of as being one of the most underrated games around, especially when compared to other Rockstar games such as Red Dead Redemption. Bully turned 10 years old this year and it's developer released a mobile version of the game to celebrate this.

Earlier this week, the backwards compatibility library expanded to included games such as the BioShock trilogy, Blue Dragon and Shadowrun. Lost Odyssey was also released into backwards compatibility this week and to celebrate this, the game can currently be downloaded for free from the Xbox store; it will be available for free download until December 31st making it a nice Holiday present from Microsoft.