Xbox Achievement Harvest: Horror

Aliens: Colonial Marines

There's that itch again. You know, the one that you mustn't scratch, but you just have to. For me it's my lack of getting achievements (or chevies as I jokingly refer to them as) from Xbox games. It's been a while since I've farmed chevies for my Xbox Gamerscore and considering that my game collection needs trimming down, I've decided to play and get rid of them. To make things interesting I've decided to do this by genre with Horror being first. I currently have the following horror games (with completion times from HowLongToBeat):

Aliens: Colonial Marines (6h39m)
Dead Island (31h13m)
Dead Island: Riptide (18h53m)
Dead Rising (16h49m)
Dead Space (12h16m)
Silent Hill 2 (8h11m)
Silent Hill 3 (6h35m)
Silent Hill Downpour (10h22m)

Like all great horror movies, the lack of quality adds to the enjoyment of the movie, so with that in mind I'm going to start with Aliens: Colonial Marines. Yes I know how bad it is, and how it breaks the primary quality-to-enjoyment statement mentioned before, but I'm a fan of the Alien series and even though I have played it on PS3, I've never finished it (probably due to how bad it was, that or I just lost interest). Funny story with this title, the eBGames clerk warned me about how bad this game was. I told him that I knew all about it and that I was only buying it to farm chevies. He laughed and wished me luck. It's a really bad game if an eBGames staff member warns when you're about to buy it.

Here is what I'm hoping to do with these Xbox Achievement Harvests. I'm attempting to record my gaming experience, documenting certain aspects of the games such as glitches, weird mechanics, possible improvements and so on. The overall goal is to present a fairly honest review of the game from a consumers perspective rather than the paid avdertorials that we are given by the current gaming media outlets.