Watch Dogs 2 teases a new Ubisoft game


Watch Dogs 2 will finally be released tomorrow for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and it seems to be shipping with a strange mission; it features a mission that could be teasing an unannounced Ubisoft game which is set in space.

The mission in question here actually sends the player to steal a trailer for a new Ubisoft game from the Ubisoft San Fransisco office which is included in the game. Not only does the player steal it, they also get to watch it. According to the video, it would be announced at E3 in the Watch Dogs 2 universe.

It shows several space stations and space ships floating through space; this could be some kind of reference to Star Trek: Bridge Crew which was recently released for VR headsets, it could be for a new game or it might be nothing.

Without an explanation from Ubisoft, there's no way to be certain what the 'trailer' actually is. Hopefully the developer will comment on this at some point but until then, gamers will need to wait until E3 2017.