UHH3: Round 1


Ultimate Head to Head always likes to throw me curve balls when it comes to the achievements that it picks for the matchup, but I wasn't expecting to go up against someone like OzBundyBoy first round. For once the achievement list wasn't as bad as I had previously seen from this event, but it wasn't lacking those few achievements that seem to haunt me every event... You have completed Disc X. from Lost Odyssey and anything really from Eternal Sonata. From what OBB told me later on, procrastination and sickness prevented him from competing so I welcome the challenge again some day.

Successfully Obtained

Purring pussy (Purring tomcat) - Agatha Christie - The A.B.C. MURDERS: Because my partner had already started a game and I didn't want to advance from where she was I had to start a new game. This really wasn't that hard to get to, but the inability to skip dialogue was getting to me by the end of it.

Sky High - Mass Effect 2: Once I was able to get past the initial opening (and don't hate me for this as I love the ME series, well maybe not Andromeda), the game could also gain from an ability to skip all of that if you're playing it again, there's a part where you meet up with others and mobs will keep coming at you until you take cover. From here you can lift as many of them as you need, luckily I only needed another 30 odd to finish this achievement.

Plan B - Sunset Overdrive: Luckily I was already up to this story mission from previously playing it a few months early. Unfortunately for me, I had forgotten everything about the game so I just spammed my way through that mission.

Chomp Chomp! - Banjo Kazooie: I finished this game back on N64 and I welcomed the ability to play it again, until the motion sickness hit me. Unsure what caused it, but I think it's the way that I speed play games these days and move the camera frantically. Completing this game again down the track is going to be a problem if I don't take it slow.

Quadratic - Trials Fusion: I got lucky on this one as well as I had the Quad Bike already unlocked so after a few runs of the track I was able to finish it without an issue.

Novice Magatama Idol - Onigiri: There's a Block Button? Well this was a revelation to me... 28 odd levels into the game. I was a bit behind in the story mode but that wasn't going to be a problem. After realising that I could block the attacks of this dungeon boss I was able to continue and finally get the NPC I needed to create a Magatama.

Haters Gonna Hate - No Time To Explain: This one was an easy one that I smashed out fairly fast. Just need to dance through the first universe. Nothing really to say about this.


As mentioned before, I usually get a slew of achievements that would be near on impossible to obtain within the week long period that they give us, and setting aside time to even do some of the more achievable ones would only cause more stress. This weeks Nope!'s go to:

  • River of Blood - Darksiders
  • Tinkering - DOOM
  • Unlock Party Level 4 - Eternal Sonata
  • Surfacing - Lost Odyssey
  • Reign of Terror - Diablo 3: ROS
  • Epic Hero - Clicker Heroes

Final Results