Titanfall 2 Day One

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 hasn't even been released yet but the game is already making an impact among gamers and gaming critics; not all reviews have been officially published yet for the game but most reviews have been incredibly positive.

The FPS game will be released worldwide on the 28th and developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that there will be a Day One patch; unlike most other games, this Day One patch is going to be tiny which is perfect for those with a low internet speed. Titanfall 2 will have a 88 MB patch which is considerably smaller than the 11 GB Day One patch that Gears of War 4 received earlier this month.

While Titanfall 2 certainly seems to be very positive so far, there is some bad news for those looking to get the game on the PlayStation 4 Pro; it doesn't have native 4K resolution for the console. Disappointing for gamers looking to get the PS4 Pro but this has no affect for Xbox One users; it is still possible that Respawn Entertainment will release an upgraded version for the Xbox Scorpio next year.