The big Halo 5 free expansion has been released


Halo 5:Guardians developer has just released the new free expansion for the game; 343 Industries revealed it earlier this week with a series of blog posts but the new expansion has just been released for all Halo 5 owners.

The expansion is named “Monitor's Bounty” and the DLC boasts a range of content including the long-awaited custom game browser that will allow players to join in-progress custom games while also searching for specific games. Besides the new Custom Game Browser, the Observe Mode is potentially the second biggest addition to this game as it provides a range of tools to watch games making it perfect for eSports.

Besides this, the update has arrived with a range of new customisation options including new weapons and weapon skins. Changes have also been made to the ranked and social playlists in addition to a few balance changes.

343 Industries released a special trailer to commemorate the release of the expansion yesterday.