Tekken 7: Opening Movie


If ever there was a need for another phrase to replace "Jumping the Shark" or "Nuking the Fridge" my vote goes to "Volcano the Fight". Because, you know, nothing screams insanity more than fighting in a volcano, am I right? This opening crammed in so many explosions I thought it was directed by Michael Bay.

Here we are 21 years later with Heihachi and Kazuya still at it. Doesn't Namco offer a retirement plan at some point? So, what's new? With Tekken 7 now utilising Epic's Unreal Engine 4 we can expect not only amazing visuals but enhanced portability and other development and support benefits. Added to the usual suspects we see a few new characters and the new fight mechanics, Rage Art and Power Crush. It was also recently announced that players would be able to select the side they want to fight on (mainly for use with the versus style back-to-back cabinets)

Tekken 7 will see a limited arcade release mid February 2015, followed by a world wide release in March.