Soulcalibur VI achievement list

Like when Tekken 7 was released last year, I'm going to attempt to complete as much of Soulcalibur VI as possible in one sitting. Considering how the Libra of Soul achievements are looking, I think that this may not be possible but I'm going to give it a try.

Below is the Playstation Trophy list grouped by mode. This list may change upon the release of the achievements, but it's a good guide to plan ahead for those attempting to do what I will be doing.

Arcade Mode

  • The First Step on the Path to Greatness - Complete Arcade mode for the first time.
  • Keep Your Eye on the Gold - Get a gold rating in Arcade mode.
  • Glory Beckons - Unlock Legendary difficulty in Arcade Mode.

Online Mode

  • All Journeys Start with a Single Step - Play a ranked match.
  • No Sweeter Taste than Victory - Win five ranked matches.
  • The Only Way Is Up - Win five casual matches.
  • A Hero Is Born - Fight 10 ranked matches online with a character made in Character Creation.
  • The Battlefield Beckons - Fight 30 battles online.
  • An Unquenchable Thirst for Battle - Fight 50 battles online.

Versus Mode (Must be outside of Training mode.)

  • Untouchable - Achieve 15 perfect victories.
  • Critically Acclaimed - Land 20 critical edges.
  • Deadly Precision - Land 10 lethal hits.
  • Making an Impact - Land 20 guard impacts.
  • May the Best Warrior Win (That Is, Me) 0 Win 30 reversal edge clashes using A, B, or K.
  • The Power Within - Perform soul charge techniques 20 times.
  • Boundary Issues - Knock your opponent out of the ring 20 times.
  • Breaking the Ice - Stop five guard impacts or reversal edges with a break attack.
  • Bull in a China Shop - Break all your opponent’s equipment five times.
  • Assault and Battery - Land three lethal hits with Astaroth during "Rending Torment."
  • Chasing Shadows - Perform "Steed of the Night" with Grøh 10 times.

Soul Chronicle (Base-game characters only.)

  • Creating History - Complete the main story of Soul Chronicle.
  • A Chosen Warrior - Complete one character's story in Soul Chronicle.
  • Their Names Shall Live On - Complete 10 characters' stories in Soul Chronicle.
  • A Transcendent Tale - Complete 20 characters' stories in Soul Chronicle.

Libra of Soul (Story)

  • The Stirrings of a Soul - Complete the mission "The Astral Fissure" in Libra of Soul.
  • The Astral Fissures Beckon - Complete the mission "The Man in Black" in Libra of Soul.
  • The War for the World Begins - Complete the mission "On the Road" in Libra of Soul.
  • Entrusted with a Mission - Complete the mission "Death of Glory" in Libra of Soul.
  • Unleashing the True Sword - Complete the mission "The Journey's End" in Libra of Soul.
  • Interdimensional Warrior - Complete the mission "Footsteps: Fortress of Illusion" in Libra of Soul.
  • Farewell to a Bleak Winter - Complete the main story of Libra of Soul with the scales tipped towards good.
  • Warrior’s Respite - Complete the main story of Libra of Soul with the scales tipped towards evil.

Libra of Soul (Side)

  • The Power of Partnerships - Use a mercenary in Libra of Soul.
  • Never Fight on an Empty Stomach - Eat some food in Libra of Soul.
  • Dive into the Fray - Complete one secondary mission in Libra of Soul.
  • No Misfortune Too Difficult - Complete 10 secondary missions in Libra of Soul.
  • Edge Master - Obtain 50 Weapons in Libra of Soul.
  • True Edge Master - Obtain 100 Weapons in Libra of Soul.
  • Power Hungry - Upgrade a weapon in Libra of Soul.
  • A Swordsmith's Best Friend - Upgrade weapons 30 times in Libra of Soul.
  • Local Hero - Raise the level of a town by one in Libra of Soul.
  • Pioneer of Prosperity - Raise the level of four towns in Libra of Soul to their max.
  • The Hunters Become the Hunted - Complete 30 "Astral Fissure Sealing" missions in Libra of Soul.
  • Globetrotter - Travel a total distance equal to three trips around the Earth while exploring in Libra of Soul.
  • A Body Like Steel - Reach level 50 in Libra of Soul.
  • Master of Style by a Mile - Defeat an Ancient in Libra of Soul.


  • The Memories of Those Who Came Before - Use Soul Points to unlock 10 entries in the Museum.
  • Sharp Blade, Sharper Skills - Turn on standby and get matched with another player while in Training Mode.
  • A New Story of Swords and Souls - Obtain all achievements.