Soulcalibur Session


Bandai-Namco held a little sale on Xbox Live last week where I was able to snag a few games in the Soulcalibur franchise. Ever since finding the Soulcalibur IV disc in the Soulcalibur V that I had picked up on the cheap I've been on the lookout for SCV for a decent price. I also purchased Soulcalibur II HD Online even though it only had 400G worth of achievements.

First off I attempted to 100% SCII as I was already familiar with the game having played it a lot in the arcades. Surprisingly I was able to pick up my old character remembering most of the tactics that I used to use against friends. After a while those tactics were replaced with the use of Nightmare and his 66B attack which as noted, the CPU really doesn't know how to handle. The only tricky achievements were the online ones since there is next to nobody playing online these days. TA's Gaming Session feature helped with that. 10 minutes or so resulted in 3 achievements. The final part was to complete all of Weapon Master which would unlock the final character and give me more than enough money to buy all the weapons. If I was to suggest one thing to fix with the game it's the ability to skip the purchase animation you receive upon buying a weapon.

Now onto SCV. I'd previously played SCIV so I was somewhat aware of the changes since SC2 (I skipped Soulcalibur III somehow). Story mode lasted maybe 20 minutes before turning my attention to some very easily attained achievements via Turbo Button use. Thirty odd achievements later I'd boosted myself a further 500G with little to no effort. I'll break down the remaining achievements at the end of this article. For my view on the game, it looks nice. The engine seems over complicated at times with far too much going on. The fact that they removed my main character from the roster is probably why I never took this game seriously when it was released.

After a weekend of grinding Soulcalibur games I netted myself 970G (63 achievements) pushing my Australian Leader Board for Fighting Games position from 23rd to 19th. I still need about 6000 TA to get to Top 10. If I manage to finish the rest of the achievements in the other Soulcalibur games, that will net me 2600 TA and put me in 14th position.

The remaining achievements will require some additional setup:

Soulcalibur IV

Move Based




Story Grinding






Soulcalibur V

Move Based










Story Grinding