September Achievement Clean-up


Early this year TrueAchievements ran The Ultimate Head to Head Contest where "Each week, competitors are drawn against a random opponent and a shared target list of 20 achievements is generated. The winner is the person that earns the most off their list before the end of the period, and the loser is eliminated." - Even though I didn't last that long, I had a lot of fun being forced to play games that I had previously abandoned or wasn't actively looking at going back to play. I was pleasantly surprised by a few of the games that I played again having either forgot how good they were, or hadn't reached the point where the game went from average to amazing.

This month, rather than having a theme, I'm taking the first 100 achievements from my "Easy Achievements" list on TrueAchievements (basically achievements with really low TA Ratio) and grouped them by game. My goal is to cross as many of them off as possible, but by doing that my TA Ratio is going to take a hefty hit seeing that I'm about to inject 100 low ratio achievements to the pool, so any additional higher ratio achievements will be welcomed along the way.

As of September 1st my TrueAchievements Stats were:

TA Ratio: 1.4736
TA Score: 167,132
Gamerscore: 113,421
Completion: 61.80%
Achievements: 4,626

The following is a list of the achievements grouped by game that I'm targeting. There are 100 achievements worth 3,380 TA Score (or 2,930 Gamerscore).

There a few games in here like the LEGO Lord of the Rings game that I'm actually looking forward to playing. Others like Bioshock 2 and LA Noire have been on my short list for a while now, so it will be good to actually play them again.

CSI: Deadly Intent

Coulda Been a Contender - Completed Case 2: Coulda Been a Contender.
Chemistry Master - Identified the chemical for Riley in Case 2.
Last Gasp - Completed Case 3: "Last Gasp".
DNA Master - Identified the DNA for Juarice Briggs in Case 3.
Deadly Secret - Identified the makeup worn by the victim.
Extinguished - Completed Case 4: "Extinguished".
Document Master	Document Master - Identified the Document for Nick in Case 4.
Touch of the Irish - Collected all the bottles of Classic Cork.
CSI: Deadly Intent - Completed all five cases of CSI: Deadly Intent.
Crime Scene Impersonator - Completed Case 5: Crime Scene Impersonator.
Rub It In - Interrogated Horace Willingham after he confesses.
Just for Good Measure - Identified both items incriminating Steve Tampson before his final interrogation began.

CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

Flash Baked - Completed Case 1: Flash Baked. (2016-09-10)
Thorough Enough, Darn It - Completed a case with at least 65% Thoroughness. (2016-09-10)
Test Tube Washer - Completed a case with at least 65% Skill. (2016-09-10)
Close Enough Counts After All - Completed a case with at least 90% Thoroughness. (2016-09-10)
Fool Me Once - Completed a case with at least 65% Cunning. (2016-09-10)
Not up to Code - Confronted Pete Baxa about asbestos in the spa. (2016-09-10)
Can't Get Fooled Again - Completed a case with at least 90% Cunning. (2016-09-10)
Human Polygraph	Human Polygraph - Completed a case with 100% Cunning. (2016-09-10)
Research Grant - Completed a case with at least 90% Skill. (2016-09-10)
Planting Evidence - Completed Case 2: Planting Evidence. (2016-09-11)
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! - Noticed the discrepancy in Jayne Barrett's security records.
Tapped Out - Completed Case 3: Tapped Out.
A Tough Job - Identified both samples of DNA on the garment from John Barrett's room.
He Said, She Said - Asked Will Rice about Veronica's real alibi.
All Washed Up - Completed Case 4: All Washed Up.
No Stone Unturned - Completed a case with 100% Thoroughness. (2016-09-10)
Boss Fight - Completed Case 5: Boss Fight.
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy - Completed CSI: Fatal Conspiracy.
Scavenger Hunt - Found all evidence in Case 2: Planting Evidence (2016-09-10)
Smoke the Hive - Found enough evidence to destroy Beatriz Salazar's drug empire.

Dragon Age: Origins

Rock and a Hard Place - Completed "The Golem in Honnleath" (The Stone Prisoner DLC)

Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero - Unlocked Stonehenge
Big Spender Award - Spent $10,000 at the store

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Stellar Centurion - Stole the Spotlight
Anthemic Archivist - Collected at least 115 songs

L.A. Noire

Asphalt Jungle - Chase down and tackle a fleeing suspect on foot as an LAPD Detective. (2016-09-14)
Keep A Lid On - Complete a brawl without losing your hat as an LAPD Detective or Investigator. (2016-09-14)
The Simple Art of Murder - Complete all cases on the Homicide desk.

Mass Effect 2

Explorer - Visit 100% of the planets in an unexplored cluster (2016-09-19)
A House Divided	A House Divided - Hack a geth collective
Agent - Complete 5 missions discovered by scanning unexplored worlds
Revenge! - Gain the loyalty of the mercenary (2016-09-19)
Paramour - Successfully pursue a relationship with a teammate

Mass Effect 3

Paramour - Establish or rekindle a romantic relationship.
Prothean Expert - Learn more about the Prothean Empire.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Defeat Eugene James “Earl” - Defeated Eugene James and took the 9th spot on the Blacklist 15.
Defeat Jade Barrett “Jewels” - Defeated Jade Barrett and took the 8th spot on the Blacklist 15.

Ninety-Nine Nights

Clear Myifee - Complete all of Myifee’s missions.
Clear Aspharr - Complete all of Aspharr’s missions.


Army of TWO (EU)

Beast with Two Fronts - Kill 50 enemies total in Back-to-Back. (2016-09-05)

BioShock 2 (Xbox 360)

Found Lamb's Hideout - Gained access to Lamb’s stronghold. (2016-09-19)
Reunion	Reunion - Reunited with your original Little Sister. (2016-09-19)
Heading to the Surface - Headed to the surface on the side of Sinclair's escape pod. (2016-09-19)
Escape - Escaped Rapture. (2016-09-19)
Fully Upgraded a Plasmid - Fully upgraded one Plasmid to the Level 3 version. (2016-09-19)

Dead Space

Merchant - Collect 8 schematics (2016-09-17)
Surgeon - Dismember 500 Limbs (2016-09-16)

Devil May Cry 4

Smokin'! - Complete a Stylish Rank S (Smokin'!) combo. (2016-09-04)

Dragon's Dogma

Foreign Recruit - Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift. (2016-09-13)
The Courier - Entered Gran Soren. (2016-09-13)
Into Dripstone Cave - Entered the azure caverns. (2016-09-13)
The Artisan - Combined two materials to make an item. (2016-09-13)

F1 2013

Training Day - You have completed all Day 1 tests in the Young Drivers Test. (2016-09-04)

Fable Anniversary

What Are Ya Sellin'? - Is that all, stranger? Come back anytime. (2016-09-05)

Fable II

The Hunter - So, proud of yourself? Big brave hunter killed an innocent rabbit? How do you sleep at night? (2016-09-05)

Fable III

Spellweaver - You may well be the first Hero in history to weave two spells together. And wasn't it pretty? (2016-09-05)
Save The Princess! - You rescued a piece of cardboard and gained valuable insight into the game development process. (2016-09-05)
The Resistance - The people of Bowerstone are behind you, ready to stand up against your brother. (2016-09-06)
Distant Friends - You convinced the Aurorans to to join your cause. It's time for a revolution! (2016-09-07)
The Ruler of Albion - You led a revolution and now the throne is yours. How will history judge your rule? (2016-09-07)

Fallout 3

Following in His Footsteps - Completed "Following in His Footsteps" (2016-09-13)

Grand Theft Auto IV

Warm Coffee - You were invited into your girlfriend's house. (2016-09-12)

Grand Theft Auto V

American Dream - You own an Apartment, Garage and an Insured Vehicle. (2016-09-12)

Happy Wars (Xbox 360)

Card-Happy - Play Happy Cards Lite (2016-09-03)
Nobody Calls Me Noob - Complete all of the tutorials (2016-09-03)

LEGO The Lord of the Rings

That is no trinket you carry. - Complete 'Weathertop'. (2016-09-09)
Great! ...Where are we going? - Form The Fellowship of the Ring. (2016-09-09)
The long way around. - Complete 'The Pass of Caradhras'. (2016-09-10)
This is no mine... it's a tomb. - Complete 'The Mines of Moria'. (2016-09-10)
Let's hunt some Orc! - Complete 'Amon Hen'. (2016-09-10)
On the Precious... - Complete 'Taming Gollum'. (2016-09-15)
Soft and quick as shadows... - Complete 'The Dead Marshes'. (2016-09-16)
Safe is where I'll keep you. - Complete 'Track Hobbits'. (2016-09-16)
Stinking creatures... - Complete 'Warg Attack'. (2016-09-16)
The battle is about to begin... - Complete 'Helm's Deep'. (2016-09-16)

Portal: Still Alive

Saw That One Coming - Cause a rocket sentry to destroy its own rocket when the rocket has been redirected back towards it. (2016-09-02)

Portal 2

High Five - Celebrate your cooperative calibration success (2016-09-07)
Tater Tote - Carry science forward (2016-09-03)
Stranger Than Friction - Master the Propulsion Gel (2016-09-03)
Team Building - Complete all test chambers in the Team Building co-op course (2016-09-07)
White Out - Complete the first Conversion Gel test (2016-09-03)
Dual Pit Experiment - Do the same test twice (2016-09-03)
Tunnel of Funnel - Master the Excursion Funnel (2016-09-04)

The Orange Box

Fratricide - Do whatever it takes to survive. (2016-09-01)

The Wolf Among Us (Xbox 360)

Made Them Cry - Completed Chapter 4 of Episode 2. (2016-09-11)
Can I Get a Fresh Set of Towels? - Completed Chapter 5 of Episode 2. (2016-09-11)
No Respect for the Dead - Completed Episode 2: "Smoke and Mirrors" (2016-09-11)

Xbox Fitness

Better Than the Rest - You took on the community in a drill challenge and won! (2016-09-13)