Scalebound has been cancelled


Earlier this month Xbox Wire released a blog post which listed a large number of 2017 Xbox releases; the blog post excluded the upcoming action-RPG Scalebound and Microsoft has finally confirmed that production for the game has ended.

While the game had a relatively positive response at E3 2016, the developer and Microsoft have been very quiet about the game in recent months except for confirming the game was delayed to 2017. Scalebound and several other games were delayed into 2017 due to Microsoft having a 'crowded holiday release' period.

Developer Platinum Games hasn't commented on the end of Microsoft's support just yet so it's uncertain if the game will still be released for Xbox One and PC in the future. Several months ago, Microsoft strongly believed in the game and was even collaborating with Titan Comics to create a lore book for the game. There has been no comments about what changed since that announcement in November.