Rime is coming to Xbox One


New about the upcoming adventure-puzzle game was first released in 2013 where the game was thought to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. More details about the game are finally being released which confirms the project hasn't been canceled and that the game is no longer a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

A new gameplay video has been released for the game which shows a colorful and beautiful world with large-scale puzzles the manipulate the environment. It shows the main character running away from various enemies and traversing the world in various ways such as swimming and leaping.

Tequila Works, the developer, has confirmed that they've reacquired the rights to the game from Sony and that they plan to release the game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch. Rime has been confirmed for release in May 2017 however, the developer hasn't provided the date just yet.