Revisiting old friends... and enemies

Persona 4

Square-Enix announced last year that it would be turning off the PS2/Xbox 360 servers for Final Fantasy XI. The game isn't dead yet and by turning off servers they mean the system specific lobby servers since the PC version is still to run for a while longer. We were given a fair chunk of warning and many of us scrambled to try and complete as many achievements as possible. I'm left with 3 to unlock before March 31st.

I've obtained Medal of Altana, and I'm about 80% done with Past Vana'diel Nation Quests, but the worst one will be Chocobo Whistle. The others don't really have time requirements, but the Chocobo whistle requires at least 30 days for the Chocobo to become an Adult. I've started 6 Chocobo's on different characters to increase my chances of getting a Whistle. I've tried before and was unable to obtain the Whistle.

If I do get the ability to get a Whistle, then the next hurdle will be to get the characters (most being Lv1) to Aht Urhgan. I should be able to evade any form of detection by myself, but I think I'll stack the character with Invisibility / Sneak items before departure just incase. I can see it now, I'll have one achievement left to get and it will be a stupid 5G one that a majority of people not even attempting to 100% the game will have got naturally. 13 years and I still didn't get the silly Whistle.

Final Fantasy XI isn't the only old game that I intend to finish this year. Final Fantasy VII, Persona 3 and Persona 4 are also on my hit list. FFVII is probably the most tragic of them all. I played it almost religiously when it was released, introduced it to friends and family who also played it the same amount that I did, but do you think that I ever finished the game? No. Apparently from what a friend told me, I was up to the second last fight in the game, the last being a no-brainer, can't lose fight.

So why did I stop there? Under-levelled characters (it's something I do naturally and usually screws me), and missing characters, limit breaks etc. I really made it impossible for myself to finish. I've attempted to restart the game many times over the years but I never really got further than leaving Midgard before interest waned.

The Persona games are not as tragic as FFVII, I just stopped playing them after getting distracted by other things. They are games that I actually liked to play, but never got around to finishing, so I've included them in this list. If I actually manage to finish FFVII, P3 and P4, I might start on FFXII as an extra bonus.

I think that I'll dedicate an evening a week to playing them, possibly stream the gameplay (not that anyone will be interested) just for fun. This year will be a year where I'm going to stream a lot of what I do.