New update arrives for Grand Theft Auto V


Rockstar released a new minor update yesterday to release a new bike and a new mode to match; the developers have also revealed a new group of weekly sales for players to check out in-game.

The new bike is a Pegassi FCR 1000 and Rockstar has described the new motorcycle as being an “instant classic” while the new Adversary mode is named Vehicle Vendetta. As expected, the new Adversary mode is vehicle-based where teams compete to collect power-ups found across the maps. There are eleven unique power-ups in this mode which feature different abilities to help players take the lead or slow down the enemy team. Vehicle Vendetta is currently rewarding double GTA$ and RP until January 17th.

New GTA Online sales have begun and players can now grab plenty of in-game loot for discounted prices. The grenade launcher is now 50% off while Vehicle Exports, Warehouses and Warehouse renovations, Engine Upgrades, Body Armor, Ammo and Masks are all 25% off. This new sale will last until January 16th.