New For Honor Season Pass details have been revealed


New details have just been 'released' about the Season Pass for Ubisoft's For Honor which is due for release in February. Details about the Season Pass appear to have been accidentally leaked on Uplay as the sales listing was quickly removed by Ubisoft but not before a user could screenshot the leaked image and upload it to Imgur.

The Season Pass can be purchased separately to For Honor but is also included in the Gold Edition of the game and the image seems to have been taken from the description of the Gold Edition for the game.

The biggest piece of news seems to confirm that the game will be getting at least six new heroes in its first year of life; as this appears to be have been a leak, Ubisoft hasn't provided any comments or details about the new heroes. The image seems to depict a 'ninja' and a 'roman centurion” while the others looks similar to the existing heroes in the game. Ubisoft should begin to release details about these new characters once the game has been released in February.

It looks as though the Season Pass will work in a fashion similar to Rainbow Six Siege; players will have access to new characters for 1 week before the other players.

Players who purchase the Season Pass will also receive an exclusive Sunbeam emote in addition to an unseen emblem, 3 scavenger crates to collect loot and also a free 30 day champion status booster. The image also suggests that more content will be coming to the Season Pass at a later date but no information about this is available.

While For Honor hasn't been released let, there is one final closed beta test being held at the end of this month for all platforms. The test will take place from January 26-29th and the game is due for release on February 14th.