Minecraft 1.10 rolls out for consoles


Console Minecraft players are in for a treat with the latest update which has brought some significant changes to the console version of the game; the update has included a range of features already in the PC version of the game and also version exclusive features that are sure to enhance the Minecraft experience.

The largest console content update of the year has finally arrived and this update finally brings a necessary changes to revamp the popular dimension, The End. Players can now expect to see End Cities and End Ships which should give the dimension a much needed expansion. In addition to this, the highly anticipated Elytra item has finally been added to the game which allows players to glide through the sky once they've found the elusive item.

Update 1.10 comes with a large number of other additions including a new tutorial world with tutorials for the Elytra and crafting banners; a range of new items have been added to the game with several new blocks that can be used for building plus there are a number of new enemy mobs in this update. There is a lot for players to explore with this update and the full patch notes are available on the official Minecraft website.