Lost Odyssey is free for Xbox 360 and available for Backwards Compatibility


The Backwards Compatibility list has grown a little larger as two new games have been added to the list; there are now over 300 games in the Backwards Compatibility program and to celebrate this, Microsoft is giving one of the games away for free.

Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are the two Japanese created RPGs which were just added to the backwards compatibility list and are both available on the Xbox Store for digital purchase; additionally, they can also be played with the original Xbox 360 disc on the Xbox One. For the first time ever, both games can now be played digitally on the Xbox 360.

While Blue Dragon costs $20 in the Xbox Store, Lost Odyssey is currently going free for the remainder of this month. Anyone interested in Lost Odyssey can grab a copy of the game for free up until December 31st and this deal isn't exclusive to Xbox Live subscription owners making this a new holiday present from Microsoft.