Live Coding: Concept


I recently found Live Coding TV and after watching a few streams pounding with dub-step I decided that I should give it a try. I've been looking for a reason to create a public repository on Github that users could contribute to but the main thing holding me back was than I'm not a standard coder**.

Back in the olden' days (2000) I wrote a piece of forum software using Perl and flat file databases, which I later migrated to PHP and MySQL. After a fairly long and successful stint of running this software on a moderately popular niche site I decided to shelve it for good. Primarily due to lack of interest, but also because social networks like Facebook had drawn our members away with the "live feed". The forums were static, they required a user to request information, the live feed allowed users to scroll and ingest without clicking anything.

Recently some friends have suggested that I should write a forum again. Thinking on this I decided that the old platform needed to be resurrected. My decision to do this was primarily due to my introduction to Snapzu, a Reddit alternative. It's more of a forum than a Reddit clone, but at the same time, it is totally not a forum. My goal with these Live Coding sessions is to write a social platform from scratch with the primary emphasis being to recreate the old forum style of discussion, but to bring the "live feed" aspect along for the ride.

I'm thinking that I'll stream for a few hours every Friday night.

** I don't use frameworks, more out of choice than lack of ability. I just don't see the benefit in bloating (even though some frameworks are much slimmer these days) a project by including a framework that only uses 10% of it's functionality. With this being said, I'm the type guy that Fresh Out Of University types look down upon because my "code-fu copy-pasta skills" are no match to theirs. You know the ones, they demand six figure salaries when all they do is Google trouble shoot. Sure I don't code to an industry standard, but I've been doing this for 15 years. I've seen many scenarios unfold and I've fixed problems that courses don't cover.