Life Is Strange: Episode 4


After the events at the end of episode three I was really hanging to find out how they would write out that twist. I was a little disappointed at what they did (or at least what I chose to do) with that part of the story, but I can't see where else they could have taken it. At most I guess it added a few more layers of complexity to Max's character, with Brooke I think mentioning that she had changed.

Without spoiling anything one direction the writers took this episode is really sticking with me. You can choose to warn someone about someone else only for it to be worthless anyway as it was a misdirection all along! Even Max with the power to rewind time can still make mistakes that you can't back out of.

I really can't wait for the last episode to drop, it's rumoured to be early September but I'm thinking it will be closer to October considering the gap between 3 and 4. This game is making me want to go back and finish Alan Wake and the Silent Hill series. Also I want to check out Remember Me as DONTNOD have one amazing way of spinning a story.