King's Quest: Episode 1


First off I have to thank Roberta for starting us off on this adventure many many moons ago. I will from here on in refer to this game as Dad's Joke: Episode 1, because the game is 90% dad jokes, 10% story... but that doesn't make for an extremely fun game. I like a good dad joke here and there, and this game provides a barrage of them, some leaving you cringing and asking yourself "why? why do you keep punishing yourself by listening to the story young girl?".

I didn't play much of the original KQ games, as I never really "got" the quirky nature of them. It wasn't until I saw that this version was being released that I got interested in them. I'm starting to really like episodic games, and I was looking for a good puzzle game to keep me entertained. What I wasn't expecting, was to leave the prologue with a grin ear to ear. The humour was perfect, the gameplay was forgiving (nothing like The Dragon's Lair), the design was quirky, and the story was compelling. I still don't get why there were so many beds down there. There was a reference to the Blacksmith's bed being stolen and later on you see goblins (I think), running away with a mattress.

From an achievement hunting perspective, there was a lot of situational achievements that you could easily miss, and then there was the "big" one that you could very easily miss. Seriously if you left the door to the town open just once... you'd have to replay the game, and you couldn't find out if you had left it open until right at the end. That there is a rage/quit moment. I was lucky enough to find out about this early on so I made sure that I avoided that door as much as possible (and even closed it upon first using it (pre-dates the blacksmith telling you to keep it closed) just incase that counted as well), and was rewarded with the achievement at the end of the episode.

I decided just after the Chivalry Test to restart the game to get 5 achievements that I had missed. This was a mistake. I won't mention what it was as I don't think I could even get remotely close to describing what it was without ruining it. I wish that I had waited until finishing the first episode before replaying for those 5 achievements. I feel that I've missed one of those "moments" that gamers talk about for years to come.

Overall, the puzzles were what I had expected. The first 50% of the game seemed rather easy, where the final slog seemed to ramp up the difficultly slightly. I got a good chuckle out of a puzzle near the end involving squirrels that had been mentioned earlier on in the game. The layering of hints disguised as storytelling was wonderful.