Japanese Game Hunt: Day 4

In another unsuccessful attempt to find a Pokémon Go Plus (I think there's been a recall of them over here as I saw something about a new version coming out soon) at the Ikebukuro Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo, I jumped back into the Book Off just outside Sunshine City hoping that Ever 17 was still there. It was and I was able to find Muv-Luv there as well. I don't remember if I mentioned the range there or not, but the 360 range has only about 60 or so titles.

BOOK-OFF (Ikebukuro - Sunshine City)

  • エバーセブンティーン ジ・アウト・オブ・インフィニティ (Ever 17) - ¥2,950
  • マブラヴ (Muv-Luv) - ¥950

So that's pretty much the game hunt over. I obtained 24 titles from 39, so I can put this as a huge success. I've got a few others as well, mostly fighting games. As I've said before, my final days here I'll probably pick up some Backwards Compatible AAA games if I can find them under ¥500. When I get back home, I'm going to transcribe my notes and map out these locations so that it can be a help to others who are thinking of doing the same thing.