Japanese Game Hunt: Day 0


Technically the hunt starts tomorrow, but I thought that I'd just list a few things that I've bought here and there while walking around. One of the first things was a Japanese 360 console. I had spotted one for ¥5,960 in a Book-Off near Sunshine City, Ikebukuro but by the time I got back to it with cash it was gone (so much for the Xbox doesn't sell well in Japan comments, but then again a Brisbane Tekken player later told me that with the amount of foreign players here for EVO, games and hardware was disappearing fast as he had lost a stick the same way). I did end up getting another in a Book-Off in Akihabara on the way back to base for ¥6,000.

Book-Off (Akihabara)

  • Xbox 360 Slim - ¥6,000
  • ファントムブレイカー:エクストラ (Phantom Breaker Extra) - ¥1,980
  • BLAZBLUE ブレイブルー (BLAZBLUE Calamity Trigger) - ¥250
  • 真 北斗無双 (Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2) - ¥950
  • バレット ウィッチ (Bullet Witch) - ¥950

Book-Off (Ikebukuro - Sunshine City)

  • ウルトラストリートファイターIV (Ultra Street Fighter IV) - ¥2,950
  • ランブルローズ ダブルエックス (Rumble Roses XX) - ¥950
  • ギルティギア ツー オーヴァチュア (Guilty Gear 2 - Overture) - ¥950

Trader 1 (Akihabara)

  • 紫影のソナーニル Refrain (Shiei no Sona-Nyl Refrain: What a Beautiful Memories) - ¥2,880
  • STEINS;GATE 線形拘束のフェノグラム (Steins;Gate Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram) - ¥2,780
  • Cross † Channel ~ In Memory of all people ~ - ¥1,260
  • ナインティナイン・ナイツII (Ninety Nine Nights 2) - ¥1,119

One thing that bothered me was that the STEINS;GATE game was in a larger than normal box, so hopefully I can flat pack it for the flight home. That and when I got to the counter the clerk reached behind and grabbed a wall scroll to go with it. I just want the game damn it (it's only 3-4 hours play time). Overall I grabbed three off my list and a bunch of others that will go well with the console. I'm going to attempt to make it to a few Hard-Off's around the place as most of the Book-Off's and Traders only have a selection of about 100 titles max, mostly western releases.