January Games with Gold detailed


Microsoft has just announced the games that will be free with Games with Gold in January; anyone who doesn't have a subscription can currently purchase it for only $1 for the first month making this a good time to pick up a subscription.

While Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition and Burnout Paradise are still available as the December Games with Gold, January is quickly approaching so Microsoft has revealed the next group of free games.

Xbox One owners are in for a treat with Deathrap: World of Van Helsing amd Killer Instinct Season 2 being free next month; Xbox 360 users will be able to download The Cave and Rayman Origins for free.

Xbox One

  • Deathtrap: World of Van Helsing – January 1st to the 31st
  • Killer Instinct: Season 2 – January 16th to February 15th
  • Outlast – December 16th to January 15th

Xbox 360

  • The Cave – January 1st to 15th
  • Rayman Origins – January 16th to 31st

These are some nice games for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 making it worthwhile to pick them up and give them a try.