Halo 5 Expansion finally detailed


Halo 5 developer 343 Industries has followed through with their previous statement and hints with the official unveiling of the next expansion for the popular FPS game. The new DLC is called “Monitor's Bounty” and has been confirmed to contain new maps, weapons, a custom game browser and a new mode.

Observer mode will provide players wit a large number of tools so they can watch custom games being played; the new Custom Browser will allow players to locate and join custom games that have already started,

The new Custom Game Browser finally allows players to join in-progress custom games; the current privacy settings don't allow this as they keep all matches private, it even stops friends from being able to join games. This new system will allow players to search for in-progress games and search for specific maps or modes they wish to play.

This update is not just coming for Xbox One players however, developer 343 Industries has confirmed that PC players will also be getting this update and will be able to experience the Forge and Arena.

More details about this expansion will be released later on December 7th which should include information about new items which will also be coming in this update; the developer has confirmed however that this update will be a free expansion for all players.

The official release date for this expansion hasn't been provided yet but a promotional image for it states that it will be released in 2017; it also confirms that over 20 new weapons will be coming to the game and new customisation options will be included in this update.