Goat Simulator's Payday DLC comes to Xbox


It may not be one of the most serious games around but Goat Simulator is certainly something special and Xbox players have finally been given access to even more content for this wacky and weird game.

The Payday expansion has been available for PC players for quite some time and it's finally being released for Xbox owners; the $5 expansion adds a range of new animal species to the game and allows players to commit crimes with them. Because who doesn't want to be a dolphin in a wheelchair and commit crimes?

All of the new animals can be switched between at any moment and each one has unique abilities for players to explore; the expansion comes with a new map and a range of new missions to complete which are all trackable through the “Pranknet” system. The crime based expansion is based on the game Payday and even features masks similar to the popular FPS game.

Goat Simulator: Payday is available for download on the Xbox One and Xbox 360; it's currently available for a discounted price through the Xbox store.