Goals for 2018 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Time Restrictions


Please forgive me if I've played on that Dr Strangelove subtitle before, it just felt right to reuse for this. This year like many years before has starting off hectic as always. With my trip to Evo Tokyo now less than a month away, organisation (I mean last minute panicking) is going on and well, I also decided to throw in a few goals that were going to eat away at what ever free time that I had. So onto the goals, that I really hope to accomplish this year...

  • 250,000 Gamerscore (+85,000) - Pretty sure I can do this. TA's saying that's 200ish GS a day. If I can complete like a game or two a week I should be sweet.
  • Game Completions - Speaking of game completions, here is a rather small list of games that I wish to get out of my back list this year:
    • Anything Telltale games: Borderlands, GOT, TWD, CSI, NCIS, Batman, Wolf etc
    • All ACA NEOGEO titles
    • Misc Trash: Cars MNC, Surfs-Up, Eragon, Ben-Hur, Generator Rex, Xmen, Jumper, LEGO, Golden Compass etc.
    • Just Cause 2-3, Saints Row 1-4+
    • The Flappy Goats achievements stopping me from 100% on both Goat Simulator games
  • Social Media Footprint - Increase it dramatically from next to nothing, to something. If I can hit triple figures on Twitch and stuff, I'd be happy.
  • Stream Daily - Kind of screwed this one as I didn't stream anything last night but heck, we all can't be perfect.
  • Blog Daily - Doing that now, and considering I'll be in Japan shortly, might get some interesting / unique content which might also help the Social Media Footprint goal.
  • Get Kuro Engine Running - As stated this is the framework I've been working on, KE for short. I'm hoping to get this up and running in some form shortly to hopefully replace this platform.
  • Health - You know we all want to be healthier and that's most people goals, but now with a family and getting old while working at a desk each day, I want to change the way I do things for my family. Personal private goals have been documented for this one.

Anyhow that's all that I could think of off the top of my head. Hopefully I can get most done, but I'm not going to push myself to the point where I'll punish myself for not getting it done even though it was impossible. The Gamerscore one seems impossible, but there's a whole bunch of games that I can think of which'll give me maybe 20k with little to no effort, all story driven.