Free Titanfall 2 multiplayer trial has launched


The free multiplayer trial has officially launched for gamers on the Xbox One, PS4 and also for PC players; the trial was launched earlier this week for EA and Origin Access users. While this is limited to a multiplayer test, it allows games to explore everything that the Titanfall 2 multiplayer has to offer including each of the maps, the different modes and also all weapons available for the game.

Titanfall 2 has so far received an incredibly positive response for the multiplayer and the single player campaign; it was only released in October and despite the critical success of the game, an EA spokesperson has stated that the sales so far have been disappointing.

The game is currently still on sale for all platforms making this a good time to give the game a trial run before committing any money to it. All progress made during the trial will be carried forwards to the full game if players wish to purchase it.