For Honor will require an internet connection


The next technical test for the upcoming hack-and-slash game has almost launched for PC users and Ubisoft has revealed some new information about the game. The game is due for release in February 2017 and will be available for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but the Technical Test 2 is limited to PC only. It's thought that another beta test will be held in January which will also include consoles.

It's been confirmed that For Honor will require a permanent internet connection for the entire game, including the single player campaign; this is due to some of the progression elements used in the game. These progression elements are shared between the single player campaign and also the various multiplayer modes that the game will feature.

Console gamers will need to purchase an online subscription for their console platform in order to play the game; in other news, the split-screen function was confirmed to be removed from the game earlier this year.

More details about the game should be released over the next few weeks as the Technical Test 2 gets underway.