Feeding the addiction with easy gains makes one feel dirty


Completion number five for the year already, but it doesn't feel justified. Recently I purchased a handful of ACA NEOGEO fighting titles in an attempt to boost myself into the Top 10 for Fighting games in Oceania before the end of the year. This didn't happen due to many different reasons, but I have turned my focus back on them in an attempt to provide a buffer for the 250k goal that I set for myself. As I mentioned before, to obtain this I would have to get 200ish Gamerscore each day to reach the goal by the end of the year (it is actually 224 to be exact, I think it started at 250 when the goal was set). Due to my Evo Japan plans, gaining Gamerscore while roaming isn't going to be easy thing to do, so I'm trying to get as much as possible before I go so that it will give me a nice buffer.

Currently ACA games within the community aren't getting a good wrap, and I have mixed feelings about them as well. Some purists think that having Avatar: TBE on your card is a dirty thing, and they are starting to look at these games in the same way. As someone who has spent a fair amount of time playing fighting games, I want others to enjoy the old school games that I grew up with but I feel that the company behind these re-releases are doing it just because they know that the achievement hunting scene will buy every single one due to the easy completion. Those people now playing these games won't appreciate them for that they were. I could be wrong, HAMSTER might be releasing them just to keep the games alive, I haven't looked anywhere online to see if any official statements have been made on why they are releasing game after game.

For the record, as of today, I've broken the into the Top 10 leaderboards for both Gamerscore and TrueAchievements for Fighting Games in Oceania. I really should be spending my time more productively, like practicing for Evo Japan (totally going to lose both games without getting a round).