Fallout 4 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


Has it really been a week since Fallout 4 was released? Personally I don't believe the playtime on my save as I swear it added a day right from the start (I joke not). I haven't been speed running the game, but I also haven't been walking around smelling the irradiated roses. I've seen and experienced enough of this game to say that it is GOTY material, and that's taking into account Life is Strange which I recently finished, and the myriad of exploitable mechanics that have been discovered. Why would I say that? Well there is something about the world and it's inhabitants, the stories they bring and the way that you interact with them and the world. This game has been done right.

With it's release date so close to Black Ops 3, there has been a lot of skewed assumptions about how it would perform. There's something about CoD games that just doesn't feel right with me. They are shallow, and exist to entertain simple minds long enough until the next instalment comes out. Comparing BLOPS3 to Fallout 4 is like comparing apples and oranges. On one hand you have a developer who just wants to spit out games every year to make money for their overlords, and on the other, you have a developer that has a bar set and they need to exceed it or feel the wrath of the fan base. Fear makes people do wonderful things it seems.

For the record OpenCritic has Black Ops 3 at 80, and Fallout 4 at 88. MetaCritic is somewhat the same, except BLOPS3 is slightly elevated, I wonder why...

So my life in the Commonwealth. Well besides dying a lot, I've had fun running away from super mutants, and finally getting used to V.A.T.S. which that mechanic I sort of struggled with in Fallout 3. Like Elder Scrolls, I came to the party late. I had bought and played Oblivion but it didn't really grab me, then came Skyrim and something clicked. With that in mind, I knew that I was going to try and get into Fallout 4 as fast as possible from day 1. Having to share my game with my partner actually hasn't been that much of an issue, and it's refreshing to hear her talk to me about areas and quests that I haven't come across as she went in a totally different direction from me.

I miss this in games, talking to people about their unique experiences. Games released these days are so cookie cutter that you start to wonder if it's actually the cookies that shape the mould. Conversations about AAA titles become very, bland. Everyone has experienced almost everything in the game with little to no effort at all. I remember talking to friends about Final Fantasy VII and Knights of the Round, or fighting different Weapons, things which I never really experienced so their conversations were both amazing and interesting. So for this game, I think the same can be said, players will be talking about their unique experiences for years to come, like that time I was struggling to kill the Mirelurk Queen, so I hunted down some mini-nuke ammo for my Big Boy, then proceeded to drop her to 30% in one hit.