Fallout 3: Mobile Bobbleheads adjustments


There was only one quest related mission that I needed to finish in the base game, but it would require collecting 30 bottles. I decided to head off and start collecting the Bobbleheads that I had missed. Luckily there were only two potentially missable ones that I hadn't screwed up storyline wise so I grabbed them first. I continued to wander the wasteland for another hour or so locating another 6 before I had grabbed half of the collection. Along the way I was able to net a few Quantum Cola bottles, so I should only need to collect another 10 more. Fawkes and I were also able to reduce the kills needed for the 300 humans killed achievement by about 30 through random encounters while Bobblehead hunting.

It wasn't a productive night achievement wise, only the one but I had had a fairly busy day so I didn't want to sit down for too long and slug through grindy collection achievements. I've fixed the mobile support of the theme slightly, not fully fixed, but as I said this theme will be tinkered with over the next few months when ever I feel like it really. Hopefully I'm able to iron out most of the major visual issues and get back to adding functionality to the site.

In other news, I think that I might have come up with ideas for two Extra Life events this year. First being for the Tekken 7 release in June, and the seconds sometime around the normal Extra Life event time which will consist of a levelling race in Final Fantasy XI. I haven't played the game in a while now, and I miss it. I'm not intending to go back and play it like I did, but I think that it would be fun to dive back in for a charity event and do something crazy. The game in my opinion has been broken down so much that you should be able to take a character from scratch to 75 within 24 hours, so that's what I'm going to try and do.