Fallout 3: Classical Superhero Oasis


After a lengthy stint away from the wasteland I decided to head back in and clean up the remaining achievements while I waited for the new Mass Effect game to be released. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I only had four quest based achievements lend in the base game (none of which could be missed due to the outcome of other quests).

I'm going to try to do something that I once did a long time ago when I was playing Final Fantasy XI almost religiously, blogging in character every nights adventures. Here I go, let's see if we can have some fun with this...

First stop was Vault 92 to retrieve a violin for Agatha. Apparently this vault was in a Deathclaw infested zone, but we only saw two as Fawkes and I made haste to our target. Upon getting to the vault we met little to no resistance, actually there was a door we entered where five Mirelurks and their king decided to jump us, but like the past month, I let Fawkes deal with them. He's been a helpful find, I doubt I'll ever find another companion that will come close to that angry sack of grinning meat. We grabbed the Violin, delivered it and went off in search for an Ant-woman.

Like our previous journey into the unknown, I let Fawkes do all the talking, this though might not have been the best call. See, apparently you could resolve the issues between The AntAgonizer and The Mechanist peacefully if you could talk her out of costume, but that never happened and after another bloodbath, Fawkes and I were off to give the good news to the people of Canterbury Commons.

As the sun had set on the day there was only time for one last jump into the fray. We set off North of Paradise Falls in search of an Oasis. Upon finding some dwellers with twigs coming out of them (they said it was ornamental, but Fawkes accidentally sat on the first one we found and it's totally a mutation, you can't unsee what we saw). Anyhoo, so apparently this tree man Bob, Brett, bah what ever it was or was once called wanted us to put it out of its misery. Easy we thought. Fawkes was spooling up his weapon when Berch said "nah have to go into that cake and shoot me in my heart". Killing people used to be easy, now you have to go on some epic spirit quest to find enlightenment before you off some poor sod.

Long story short, Cave, Swim, Shoot, Heart, Leave. We honestly thought that the twig men were going to murderize us upon exit but they were chill about it. I'm still not convinced that they were fine with the whole deal so I now sleep with a bottle of weed-killer next to me just incase they decide to come after us.